PaperChase 2 years, 4 months ago on BOC approves rollback millage

Atlanta officials have always made fun of Newton County with backwards government and awful crime and bad schools. This just makes no one want to come here now with a BOC who votes themselves a raise and then penalizes property owners who are footing the bill for the sickening looking eyesores all over this nasty county.


PaperChase 2 years, 4 months ago on The Newton Citizen Poll for July 7, 2013

Who is in charge of this chaos? Why am I working like a fool with my head cut off to make ends meet and this is what teachers and students do to brand new furniture and these people only work 178 or 180 days per year? This is an outrage of the highest order. Put them all to work all year like we do cause obviously all that is done in NCSS is a bunch of destruction and partying.


PaperChase 2 years, 8 months ago on Proponent, opponent for Newton SPLOST speak at forum

Language from 2007 SPLOST:

2007 SPLOST & Bond Referendum On September 18, 2007, Newton County residents passed the school system’s $110 million Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) and general obligation bond referenda for schools.

By approving the SPLOST Referendum Newton County residents approved the continuation of the existing one-penny sales tax that was set to expire on December 31, 2009. These revenues will be used primarily to construct three new elementary schools, a new middle school, an addition to Alcovy High School; to make improvements at existing schools and Sharp Stadium; to improve technology; to purchase buses and to reduce the district’s general obligation principal indebtedness. This sales tax is limited to 60 months of collections or until a set amount of revenue has been received, whichever comes first.

The passage of the General Obligation Bonds referenda will provide the school system revenues to be used primarily to construct a new high school, complete the new middle school, and make additions/improvements to existing schools. This General Obligation Bond indebtedness is scheduled to be paid by a continuation of the current one mill for debt service after it is scheduled to expire in 2016.

The growth in our county is well documented. It was reported that from 2000-2006 Newton County was the 4th fastest growing county in Georgia and the 11th fastest growing county in the nation. We have continually grown by more than 1,000 students each year. At this rate of growth, more than 25,000 students are projected to be enrolled in our schools by 2013, the anticipated completion date of the proposed construction and improvements.

The proceeds from the SPLOST and GO Bond Referenda will be used for the following projects:

■Three new elementary schools. (where are these 3?) ■One new middle school. (where?) ■One new high school. ■An addition to Alcovy High School. (Was dark with no electricity for 7 months). ■Band/ROTC addition to Eastside High School. (where is this?) Where did the money go? ■Renovations at existing schools, including Newton High School. (Describe these?) ■Improvements to Sharp Stadium and possible construction of a second stadium. (Seriously?????????????????) A 2nd stadium? I wish I could put together Wish Lists like this.) ■Improved technology throughout the school system. ■Payment for existing school buses which were acquired through bus purchase financing as well as future bus acquisitions. ■Payment towards existing bond indebtedness in order to maintain the current low rate of one mill for debt service. (Then why do you need 30million now?)


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@ontoday. You are on the money. And vote NO on SPLOST. No more money to NcSS until they comply with Policy GAG. Spouse cannot supervise budget of spouse.


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Will she appropriate the money right? NSP??? LIENS??? Why did she lawyer up???


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Meadors is a gifted writer. I looked back and found nowhere that he told anyone how to vote or even said I think this way or that. In fact one column shows where he talks about being accused of supporting vouchers and says he never even said that. I think some NCSS thugs - mainly 2 of them - are hawking the blogs as we've been told one does daily from his high paid lurch in the Clamp Castle. This is the same one who cannot string together two correct sentences using the King's English. Meadors is intelligent obviously and has thought these issues through. This resolution went through many writings like the posters say and I was at Eastside when he spoke publicly about the different versions and how he changed his opinion once it came through the budget rewrites. Someone likes the columns enough to blast them though and in publishing that is what we love. Keep reading and keep hating it is making this paper the most popular ever as the other news rag sits in driveways for weeks turning brown with spiders all up inside it.


PaperChase 3 years ago on Parliamentary confusion results from push for early SPLOST vote

if the newton charter vote is an indication of the march 19th SPLOST vote it will FAIL. Plus look at this circus. WHo in their right mind would give another penny to a school system where administrators walk around glued to IPADS and ignoring fights while teachers jump in to handle it and the missing money at Alcovy allegations? I never heard the truth on that what is missing exactly until I get that story i will vote NO. If they want a possible yes from me they have to fess up with the allegatoins of money problems at LaQuanda Carpenter's school at Alcovy.


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Yes same guy. He is also married to LaQuanda and she dropped her lawsuit when the heat was on the missing money and alcohol investigations.