NoLiberalHere 2 years, 7 months ago on Citizens group abandons 350 yard shooting limitation

@Billy - Why would you think that a new law or ordanance would change what happened last New Year's Eve? The same amount of gunfire would still come from the same low caliber communities. The Sheriff's Dept is going to have to do a better of job of enforcing the laws that we currently have on the books. Our dear sheriff is just trying to look like he is trying to correct the problem when in fact he is harming the people that do not shoot casually and actually pay his salary through their taxes. Our sheriff could get serious with good old fashioned police work and stop a lot of the casual shooting. The only problem is that his political base is the one commiting the crimes and then they are unwilling to help the police stop the shooting thugs. If laws actually worked on the lawless then we should be living in a pure Eutopia given the laws that we currently have. Until we change the culture of our thug community then we should be prepared for high crime rate in the western zones of our county. What we need is a tough, colorblind sheriff that works for all of us and our families and not towards his next election. Save your laws around guns and do something about our communities. We could start with term limits on our dear sheriff.


NoLiberalHere 3 years, 2 months ago on Woman says she was asked to leave Covington Applebee's while breast-feeding her son

The child is almost a 2 year old? My wife breast fed our 3 children and I will always believe that this is the best bonding for mother and child. My wife also had enough maturity and discretion to know when the child should stop breast feeding. If you choose to breast feed a walking, talking child, please do so in the privacy of your home or car because a lot of us would rather not view your public feeding.


NoLiberalHere 3 years, 6 months ago on Candidate Philip Bradford puts forth platform for Newton County sheriff's race

Good fiscal use of the BOC budget does not include a trip to Israel with his whole family. I guess this is so the sheriff can get in touch with our large Jewish community. Wake up and judge men by their actions and not because they have the same skin color as you. We must get past the iidea that bigotry only is a white problem. It is our community, white and black so we must be more concerned about our community and not our special interest. Newton County is declining everyday and not the same safe community that it was just ten years ago.