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I am tired of hearing people with no children in the public school system say they should not pay school taxes. If I choose not to drive a car, can I stop paying taxes that go to road improvements? Can I opt out of emergency services and not pay taxes for those things? If Medicare will be bankrupt before I retire can I stop paying now? The children in NCSS deserve better than they receive from our current school board. I am praying the new superintendent will be a change for the better. (I believe she will be.) The education of our children as a whole is a community concern as they are the leaders of tomorrow.


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In response to the above comment regarding the Boston bomber and "our wonderful Muslim President" : can I take this to mean you believe our President wrote the Constitution of the United States over 200 years ago? The accused bomber is entitled to representation in his defense because of the Constitution. That has nothing to do with the President, who is NOT Muslim, by the way. Don't believe everything you see on Fox News.


NewtonNeighbor 2 years, 1 month ago on Johnson keeps school board seat

What I would like is a safe, quality education for my children. Apparently that is too much to hope for in Newton County.


NewtonNeighbor 2 years, 3 months ago on District 1 resident chastises school board for allowing Hall's comments

Yes, Mr Meadors has an agenda. It seem to be standing for what is right for our kids, calling a spade a spade, not being bullied into silence by our unfortunate powers that be. I, for one, am all for this agenda. I wish him the best and support him wholeheartedly.


NewtonNeighbor 2 years, 5 months ago on Parents, students invited to school open houses

@gsm7476 While I respect your right to use your money to support organizations of your choice, may I please point out that not attending sporting events or sponsoring clubs only serves to punish the kids involved. The school does not profit as a whole from ticket or concession sales, but those funds go to help the teams and clubs such as band to furnish/repair/maintain equipment they need to participate in their chosen activity. The children are not responsible for the lawsuit or the fall out from it. They need our support. Thank you.


NewtonNeighbor 2 years, 6 months ago on Mathews finds no wrongdoing of Alcovy funds

@Just Passing: From the NCSS website: "Public participation is the time that the Board has set aside to encourage you as members of our community to voice your opinion on any matter, either included on or excluded from, the printed agenda. A maximum time of five minutes will be allotted to a single individual or a single topic based on the number of requests. Complaints against any employee of the school system will not be heard unless the complaint has been submitted, in writing, to the Superintendent at least seven (7) days prior to the Board meeting. If unresolved, any personal complaints about school personnel must be put in writing for the Board to review in Executive Session. Personal attacks against any member of the Board will not be tolerated.

Once the time for public participation has passed, discussion of topics will be restricted to Board members only.

Thank you in advance for complying with this request.

I think this easily explains why you didn't happen to see any public outcry at the meetings.


NewtonNeighbor 2 years, 7 months ago on Mathews addresses web comments

@proudmommy, while I appreciate your thoughts regarding your experience with children at Alcovy, my experience is very different. My Tiger has very involved parents. My Tiger is in advanced classes and is involved in many extra curricular activities at the school. I have spent a lot of time there the past few years volunteering. I challenge any Alcovy parent to visit during lunch periods and just stand in the commons. I have seen running, screaming and inappropriate displays of affection. This, in my OPINION, is not a good way to allow the school to function. My Tiger has learned to adapt to avoid the chaos that so often runs a muck in the halls. This includes lunches spent in the library or bathroom and walking the long way to class to avoid certain hallways at certain times of the day. It is my OPINION that this is regrettable and a shame. It is also my OPINION that Dr. Carpenter should be placed on leave while this lawsuit that she initiated runs its course. If a teacher involved in the lawsuit was placed on leave, why not the principal involved? I am just sharing my OPINION of why the school seems not to be an ideal environment for learning in regrettable and avoidable ways. I do support my Tiger and the teachers and administration who work hard there every day.


NewtonNeighbor 2 years, 7 months ago on Citizen attorney files motion to fight subpoena

There are still some wonderful educators in Newton County. They deserve our support and respect. They don't deserve the treatment they receive at the hands of an administration with an agenda for revenge. They are also, however, leaving this county in droves. We need to stand up as a community and support them and put an end to the personal vendettas and politics that run our school system. I can't say enough good things about Mr Meadors for standing up for what is right. I hope he knows we appreciate him!


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I want to know this: if people who don't currently have children in public schools should not pay school taxes, then do people who chose not to use fire/ambulance services not pay those taxes? If I don't own a car, can I not pay any tax money towards roads?