NewtonCitizen 2 years, 8 months ago on Library facing staffing shortage in wake of budget cuts

I find it shameful that Newton County refusees to properly fund the library. Volunteers cannot replace what a librarian does nor can they be relied upon to give consistent service, and at best can help out as book shelvers. Who do you think knows what books to order and plans out all of the wonderful resources in the library? Those computers everyone is lined up to use have more than the internet on them. There are all sorts of databases that many people have no idea how to use, or even that they are there to be used. Were you aware the library has Do you know how to use it? Who is going to help you learn about all of the resources if you don't have a librarian there to assist you?

Citizens of Newton county, I implore you to go to a county where there is a thriving library, and sit right by the librarian's desk for a few hours and then come back and tell us again how we don't need to support our library.