NWhitlow 2 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Aug. 11, 2013

When will people stop following ministers of hate? Not once has anyone heard Sharpton or Jackson preach about LOVE! Instead they use their fellow citizens to push forward the HATE that makes them so much money! God created man; Man created the races.


NWhitlow 2 years, 1 month ago on The Newton Citizen Poll for July 7, 2013

I really can't take it anymore and I can't leave either! I moved here from a gang infested apartment complex in Gwinnett 22yrs ago, and since then I have seen this county go down the creek with out the proverbial paddle and very few care. All folks want now days is their free govt handout (get a job). I can't sell my house, I can't sell my business, I can't leave! No one wants a Covington address anymore, or even an address in Newton or Rockdale. Thank God my kids are finally out of Newton Schools. The above video made us all sick! If this is how the new Career Academy administration is gonna let the students treat a brand new building, what do you think theses students will do in our own community! Just look around folks, it's here to stay. Just go by the new Walmart on Salem Road and you'll see :@) Where are THE PARENTS! We are raising a bunch of participation-trophy wimps by idiot parents and the whole country is in trouble. I quit!


NWhitlow 3 years, 10 months ago on NWhitlow

Our thoughts and prayers go out the the Bailey family. Trevor was a wonderful person and I know Robby & Daniel really loved his wrestling coaching as well as being his teammate. The Whitlow Family