Last_Man_Standing 3 years ago on Mansfield fights condemnation

Something smells funny about the part of the article that relates to a condemnation because of the homeowners property needing to be probated. Why would GTC spend all that money in court cost to condemn the property when their lawyers could probate the property for the homeowner ??? (Like they offered in the beginning.) Especially when GTC is so dilligent in saving money by slamming the transmission lines so close to peoples homes that they can hear electricity flowing through them. There were other alternate routes with less impact to homeowners, but GTC ignored them because they cost a tiny bit more.

Every empolyee of GTC drives a brand new full sized truck or vehicle, yet homeowners are offered the bare minimum for thier property. They are the ones that have to live under the lines. If the homeowner chooses to move, their property is worthless because of the transmission lines. GTC will not install a transmission line within 300 feet of a school yet they will put them 50 feet from my children. I guess my children do not have that option.

The people of our town were constantly bullied and threatend by GTC.Just the point of GTC starting to clear the right of way before all of the properties were accquired, shows how arrogant they truely are. Maybe, you should print both sides of the story and maybe that homeowner is not as willing as your article claims.