LE6 2 years ago on Newton sheriff candidates discuss experience, budget

Look Bill Watterson or Phillip Bradford both will make several changes I know both men pretty well. Both are highly trained and good men that will do whats right no matter what. I will say that blasting the Sheriff's Office is not right. It is easy to pick and choose officers when you pay well and get raises and only have 50 officers. But when you just need bodies to fill the 200 plus officers detention included you get some of the people that inthemiddle was talking about. I will stick up for one the former K-9 offer may be a big guy but I would fight with him any day of the week and he knows the law and is one of the best officers I have ever met. As far as training the one story is your bases of blasting the Sheriff's office. Did you know that the Sheriff's Office has 3 of the most trained DUI officers in the state of Georgia. The city has 0 with that certification. The county has a interdiction unit that has trained with the best unit in the state. What does the city have? There are some great Deputies at the Sheriff's Office but most are leaving due to not getting paid and other reason. But it's not right to put the entire sheriff's office in the same bunch and the very small percent that gets put in the news for bad reason. Both will change a lot and most likely do I really great job. Just figured I would thrown in my two since.