LE4LIFE 3 years, 5 months ago on Philip Bradford will run for sheriff of Newton County

OK Just one thought, I wonder why someone who has never had any ambition to work for the Sheriff' Office would even begin to convince me that he has the know how to run a sheriff's office. As far as cleaning house, have you ever took advantage of the ride along program and come see first hand what we do? Bet it would change your mind. We are humans performing super human task at times and folks like this want us gone or at the least think they could do it better. I say come on and see what you so convienently hide from, we need your support. Thanks to Newton County Sheriff's Office for all each of you do.


LE4LIFE 3 years, 5 months ago on Henderson serving jail time for contempt of court

You would think that Henderson could atleast place blame where blame is due. First its his child out roaming the streets and then it is the "glitch" in the juvenile court. Then he has taken several months to serve an 80 hour sentence when most people have to serve their weekends every weekend until done. You say treat me the same well go on up to Rockdale and check yourself in and finish it. Oh I forgot You are a county commissioner and expect to be treated different.


LE4LIFE 3 years, 6 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for April 1

It is the Newton County Sheriff's Office, not department. The state sets which road a radar can be utilized on we can enforce traffic laws on any roadway even dirt roads. There are three traffic units, but every sworn officer can enforce these traffic laws. We just need more officers in more places, election time is here start asking those wanting to be your commissioners


LE4LIFE 3 years, 10 months ago on Oct. 23 Newton Poll

I am still here. Where are you? smalltown and biscuit I would'nt expect you to understand.