JudgeA 2 years, 11 months ago on Meadors awaits guidance from attorneys

What I find very funny about this whole thing is why in the world did you wait until almost the last minute to include Mr Meadors? He has been writing articles quite awhile or did you push the lawsuit back to the 19th of June to get his name up there because you finally had figured out that the suit is frivolous and crumbling in front of you. I personally think that this Judge is going to see right through these tactics. I find it a shame that some have such disreguard for others, then you have the ones that are trying to keep the students and teachers in focus and then our fellow board members give no support so the voting and meetings seem pointless when you have no help. What kind of board does that? It burns me up knowing all of this. I would like to say Jeff Meadors you have my support 100%. If you go to court I will be there to support you.


JudgeA 2 years, 11 months ago on Letter: Free speech must be defended

I think that you need to be commended for upholding the first amendment, you need to continue doing what your doing it shows dedication and that people don't need to be afraid to stand up for what they believe in. You show true courage Ms Black and I appreciate eveything that you are doing. I think this law suit is silly and a waste of taxpayers money. I have family members that attend AHS and they hate it because of the favortism and lack of help and the Admin acting like they could careless. However I will give you a call if you ever need anything you can come to me. THanks for all you do. If you need a character witness I'm all yours.

Thanks Judge A