JamieHardegree 3 years, 4 months ago on Porterdale restaurant owner files charges, complaint against officer

We have one of the finest Police Departments that any town could hope for. Those who serve Porterdale serve with a lot of heart. I have personally watched as they have served this community with tireless effort, dedication and loyalty. We are very lucky to have each and every officer who serves. Chief Jacobs does an outstanding job leading this department. Lt. Cripps leads the Porterdale Police Explorers, teaching them the importance of respect for the law and those in authority around them. He teaches them about various aspect of law enforcement that may help these young adults to decide if a future in law enforcement is something they care to pursue. Investigator Clifton assists him each week with this group. His input in invaluable. I've watched as he leads the way with community service projects and fundraisers, teaching them a very strong work ethic "A job worth doing is worth doing well", while teaching them to have fun and enjoy life as they go. I can not express my sincerest gratitude to this department. I walk every night and for the first time in many years it is without fear. Thank you to each member of the Porterdale Police Department.