Inafog 2 years, 6 months ago on Council denies Treadwell appointment; goes back to drawing board on city manager search

I get amazed every time I think about a town the size of Covington having to hire outside firms to select candidates for open positions. Is the current council so inept or divided that it should not be able to conduct the hiring process for jobs under their "council"? If so, how can they be expected to see to the business of operating the city? Maybe a new slate of Council persons is a better idea for the people of Covington.


Inafog 2 years, 6 months ago on Newton school board to pay Carpenters nearly $70K

Something smells awful about this deal. Since the Carpenters requested to leave their contract early, they should be paid for their accrued time worked, accrued vacation time, and any other "leave" time that has accrued. Not a cent more. If they were fired, then the NCBOE would have the option to extend "separation payments" to the one leaving if they so desired, but certainly not their entire contract plus benefits. Someone needs to take a very hard look at the Newton School System from the top (superintendent) on down the chain of employment. Why not just let Mathews leave now and not risk the "lame duck" argument already presented. Why should he care what the Carpenters are paid to leave as he is leaving as well. Will someone with some business sense please delve into this mess we call a BOE and School System administrators?