Iknowddatsright 3 years ago on Carpenter applies for Jacksonville superintendent position


a candidate for the Superintendency in Duval County, Florida, I would relish the opportunity to assume the moral responsibility associated w

ith being the primary custodian of the educational well-being of each and every student enrolled

in each ofthe 183 schools that make up the Duval County Public School System; while realizing tha

t this task will only be completed successfully through working collaboratively with all school and community stakeholders to de

liver on the very best education we can offer, You wil

l notice, while studying my application packet, that I possess all ofthe prerequisites necessary to continue the traditions of excel

lence that are hallmarks of the Duval County Public School System, while furthe

r enhancing the district in those areas targeted for improvement. My previous working relationships with excellent leaders/me

ntors, combined with my persona, collaborative leadership skills, professional experiences

, awards, professional and community memberships, professional development activities, writings and presentation

s have provided me with the experiences and prior knowledge needed to be a st

rong candidate for this position. Combining this background with capitalizing on the skills and talents of others,

I am confident that through a systemic process of determining what works, what needs to be amended and

what needs to be abandoned, I can use my collaborative and servant leadership skills to forge a

reputation of both academic and extracurricular excellence in the Duval County Public School System, on both the state and national level, Such a reputation would be built on a foundation of et

hical behavior, trust, transparency and service to all the children

, district employees and families of Duval County. Having held every position from paraprofessional to Deputy Superintendent, I have a very in-depth


tanding of those micro and macro issues that are prevalent in any school system. Given this experience, I am c

onfident that my skills and talents will prove to be an asset when dealing with the many DENNIS L. CARPENTER, EO.D.


ities and challenges that will continue to face the Duval County Public School System in this era of in

creased accountability and financial uncertainty. In addition to my documented expertise in the area of c

urriculum and instruction, I currently lead the human resources, business/finance, procurement, facility construction

, transportation, maintenance and school nutrition functions in a district of 19,500 students, with

a general fund budget of over $145 million. I am confident that my application packet

. will illustrate that I possess the knowledge, skills, aptitude and positive attitude necessary to lead.

a transitioning district, the likes of the Duval County Public School System.

l County Public School System


Iknowddatsright 3 years ago on Carpenter applies for Jacksonville superintendent position

Dennis L~Carpenter

, Ed~D~ July 17,2012


& Jacobson, L.L.c. 7905 L St.

, Suite 310 Omaha

, Nebraska 68127 "I have ne

ver encountered any children in any group who are not geniuses. There is no mystery on how

to teach them. The first thing you do is to treat them like human beings and the second thing you do is l

ove them." - Dr. Asa Hilliard 2007 To Whom I

t May Concern: Please accept my letter of interest and application for the position of Superintendent of the Duva

l C011nty Pub

lic School System. As a proponent and product of public education, the most imperative civil right in our country,

I would embrace the opportunity to serve as the ultimate advocate for the public school students of Duval County, Florida

. The long term success and short term recovery of the democracy upon which our country was built hinges on the ability of our nation's public schools to teach

all children (including the approx

imately 125,000 enrolled in the Duval County Public School System) to think critically, to excel in all content areas and some fonn(s) of extracurricular activities, and to become

extraordinary readers, authors and orators



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I hope every Alcovy High employee documents every encounter with the principal at this school this school year and sends every item to the press.  If she can hawk their emails through her devious husband then they should use the paper to advocate for them.


Iknowddatsright 3 years ago on District 113 candidates talk charter schools, ethics reform

Get Almond Turner out on July 31.  Get Eddie Johsnon out on November 6th.  Diminish the duties of Dennis Carpenter.  The system will only then begin to heal and change.  We have already lost Baxter in the contest for who moves where.  They are using the press coverage and DOE data as a case in point to buy homes in Walton and Morgan.  Do you blame them?  I blame the Chamber of Commerce.  They should have applied pressure but now they don't deserve one more penny in their vault to fly around the world.  When Alcovy High's grad rate drops 5 points it will be in the 50's which is disastrous and already it graduates the least HOPE eligible grads.  Maybe it is what we get when we allow a husband to hire his future wife with no high school experience to run it just as Henry says for the MONEY.  Oh six figures?  Sure I"ll take that school.


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WOW PEEPS these talking points and original Matthews letter tell it all.  Matthews may not say it to the press  but he wants Carpenter OUT of the way big time it is all in the ink Amici's party Number 2 was a smash hit with these docs.


Iknowddatsright 3 years ago on BOE Dems go head to head

So typical of Almond Turner and you know this is you work around him.  Send me to Washington DC on  your dime.  Give me a monthly check on your dime.  Send me to Savannah so I can eat on your dime.  What have we got after 16 long years?  A  bunch of failure, fights, tasers, food fights, arrests, low grad rates, gangs at Alcovy High and a huge mess.