Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on School crime reports for Sept. 21, 2012

@proudmommy you got that right. We have a place to get everything we need. AHS- drugs, NHS- alcohol, EHS-pharmacy. That is crazy. That's what is happening to out kids their being corrupted.


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on County turns over last NSP houses to Habitat

all the reporter really has to do is ask chair morgan why sub contractors placed liens on them and if they did not get paid where did the fed dollars go and why?  start sniffing there and the rest reveals itself follow the money and the docs and emails on NSP and the Cook paving deal too - what do the song say there's no telling where the money went? 


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on Freedom of speech our most sacred right

Hunter Hall is good for one thing - spouting off about liquor by the drink liquor by the drink liquor by the drink.


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Tough leadership needed for school change

Oh my goodness Mr meadors you wrote a comment after Hunter Hall asked not to um um your breaking the Hunter law. You may want to be careful he might get Stephanie Lindsey to sue you. I think he secretly works for her.


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on Newton Chamber president asks columnist to stop writing

What do the Carpenters (LaQuanda Carpenter and Dennis Carpenter) have to hide so bad that they do all of this.  They have tried every way possible to run him off.  What does he know that they don't want us to know that is the burning question.  That is what needs to be investigated.  When you have Dennis Carpenter leading the applause and Stephanie Lindsey blogging before 8 a.m. the very next morning on the article at the other paper then this is very questionable.  Hall - well he is irrelevant and has been for some time. 


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 9, 2012

Can both local papers contact teachers who complain that discipline referrals DISAPPEAR at this school and are handled differently based on who the student is or what they look like????


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 2 months ago on Carpenter not selected as finalist for Florida system

It goes without saying that no matter what happens the end result is these people need to go. However since this silly law suit will follow and all the chaos it has caused then when one out weighs the other well it doesn't look good.

What is really sad is they attack the only white male BOE member saying he is corrupting people to make them do things and post things for him this is what I'm going to say about that. 1 no one can make you do anything you don't want to do. 2. The only corruption is the lawyer and plaintiff no one else.

That's to bad. This nightmare will follow and all people will remember is the bad and how badly people were treated.


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 3 months ago on Attorney attempts to settle with former AHS employee

If Alcovy High School under the leadership of LaQuanda  Brown Carpenter who never  ever led a high school or a middle school before her current husband hired her to run Alcovy would pay attention to her graduation rate maybe that would be better than bothering this teacher.  Mr. Dockery may have had a falling out with her - who hasn't?  But he is one of the top teachers I have ever met.  The very best.  If LaQuanda's graduation rates dips 4% points for the next 2 years then Alcovy High will become a priority school.  Pathetic.


Iknowddatsright 3 years, 4 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for July 29, 2012

Aww @ covingtonian and mustardandbisquit you have watched to much sling blade my friend and covingtonian why is it everytime you come on here you have such ugly things to say? Who cares who is who and who cares if someone copied and pasted someone else's comment. Wow maybe these or those people don't have a life maybe they just feel that they want to be heard. You obviously want to be heard with your comments so what makes you two any better then then those they 2 nothing.

Oh a word to the wise don't waste a vote on spite because it was just be false you just basically blew your self out of the water because your intention was to vote for the other guy clearly but hey that's you and nobody wants a spite vote that wouldn't be right just to go along with these so called bloggers that just want 15 minutes of fame. Anyway you both have a fabulous day.

Oh and Covingtonian we all want this over just as much as you do