Hotmess 2 years, 8 months ago on Carpenter not selected as finalist for Florida system

From the online public files at Duval County you just can't make this up - this guy attacks a bd member through his wife and sends others on GBI goose chases while hiding emails to another - TRANSPARENCY my butt.

I think a learning organization feeds off of the health of the board/superintendent

relationship. In fact, some new research from William Schletchy says that this relationship is the second ' most important relationship in a school system in terms of enhancing student achievement; second only to the student /teacher relationship.

With that said, I will foster a relationship with the board and across the district via

communication, openness and the sharing of information in a transparent fashion.

As superintendent, the board and all other stakeholders will hear from me in various

forms often. It is also important to note that what is shared with one BOE member

will be shared with a" BOE members . In my estimation this is the only way the board and superintendent can build trust and support each other. As superintendent

I feel strongly about my responsibility in terms of modeling transparency and other behaviors that foster honest and open communication. For example, as Duval's

next superintendent I would envision developing end of week notes for board

Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville. FL Closing date July 23.2012

members each week that would provide a glimpse of the previous week and a

snapshot of what's to come in the coming week. Furthermore, one of the first tasks

in my entry plan would be to meet with each board member individually and with

other internal and external stakeholders to gather information and begin modeling

effective communication. Finally and most importantly, I will build trust with the board

and the greater school district community by ensuring clear communication that

outlines what we plan to do as a district and following up by ensuring that we do it!

In the absence of this level of follow through trust is irreversibly broken down and

goals for enhancing the learning and lives of young people will not be met.


Hotmess 2 years, 8 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 9, 2012

hey peeps this is a copy and  paste for bovines - And finally, fifth, people of Newton County, see this lawsuit for what it is- a waste of our money, time, and resources; a pathetic attempt to deflect blame instead of doing one's job; and a last ditch effort to get Stephanie Lindsey elected and the Carpenters a job in Mississippi. We deserve high performing schools. Dr. Carpenter is failing us in her capacity as a principal at AHS. Despite the repercussions that will engulf my family once my identity is revealed, I'll make these statements again with my name in print for all to read. Why? Because this is the truth and we all know it.


Hotmess 2 years, 8 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 9, 2012

This is for "This old man"  I LOVE what you write all the time but you know LaQuanda Carpenter may toss you in to a lawsuit if you say something her husband don' tlike he TROLLS the citizen blog paper all the livelong day.


Hotmess 2 years, 8 months ago on Carpenter not selected as finalist for Florida system

@SOUTHSIDE maybe he and the nepotism woman can work at Dollar Tree maybe she can manage her budgets for her clubs better if she is out of the building entirely.


Hotmess 2 years, 8 months ago on Carpenter not selected as finalist for Florida system

Oh my goodness I lived in Newton county a LONG time and i have never in all my 35 yrs seen something like this Law suit. Sakes alive. The one person who has surprised me the most through this thing is Gary Mathews not standing behind the BOE member who is clearly the one who wants change, not a bunch of followers like the others. This has completly changed my opinion on the school system here.

I have never seen a board not have someones back instead side with the enemy the the super follows right along with it.

I say let'em go to Clayton County or even Dekalb their just as corrupt. This has completely affected the high school in a lot of negative ways.