Gladstone2007 2 years, 3 months ago on Salem Overlay approved

Congratulations to Newton County's residents and its current commissioners who voted unanimously to approve the Salem Road Overlay portion the the 2050 Plan!

Let's not forget that ill-thought development decisions by previous Boards of Commissioners are still one of the main reasons West Newton was developed so haphazardly. The developers' rush for ever-cheaper land; lax permitting and inspections; the "cozy" relationships of many then-commissioners with developers and a vision-less development process all played a part in the haphazard development of the part of the County that today houses more than half of the County's total population. The residents of West Newton deserve much better!!

As current and future residents of West Newton continue and increase their participation in deliberations that concern life in the total Newton County, our County will continue to be a greater place to live and be more attractive to commercial development. Newton County, do not turn your back on a greater future!!


Gladstone2007 3 years, 8 months ago on BOC considers govt. form change

Citizens of Newton County, we need answers!

Our BOC is holding a Work Session on Monday, November 7, 2011 at 6:00pm. The BOC is inviting no citizen input. If the following questions are not clearly answered by the end of the Work Session, then the entire evening will have been a HUGE FAILURE!!

  1. Is there any background information the BOC/Chairman wish to share with Newton citizens?
  2. What’s the position of each commissioner on this matter?
  3. How will the BOC be affected?
  4. Will this be an elected position or appointed?
  5. Will the County's legislative process change?
  6. How will re-districting be impacted?
  7. What's the projected cost of the new office and its staff?
  8. Is the position of Board Chairman to be eliminated?
  9. When was citizen input ever sought?

Yes, Newton citizens demand answers!!!