Frustrated 1 year, 12 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 1, 2013

If you remember there were several stores around the square that I considered "Home Town Stores"not particularly Belk. I know Belk is a chain store and if you read my comment correctly I said " a lot of the other home town stores"


Frustrated 2 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Sept. 1, 2013

Belk used to be on Covington but closed down several years ago to move to Conyers. A lot of the other "home town stores" closed due to big box stores coming in. Its not going to get any better any time soon


Frustrated 2 years ago on To our subscribers...

Its okay...I wasnt that concerned about reading the news this week anyway. Didnt get my paper even AFTER I called to complain.


Frustrated 2 years ago on Gaither could move to private operator

Take a look at what happened to Stone Mountain Park when it was privatized. Cost to go there went way up and things that were free with the admission you now have to pay for. I understand it needs to make money but why not look into other ways to make it profitable? Sometime privatization is not the best route to take.


Frustrated 2 years ago on Transportation key topic at retreat

“We can’t raise the millage high enough to do it." I bet they will give it a try though!


Frustrated 2 years ago on Ga. Highway 212 road work to run through next year

Now if they will just put a traffic light on Brown Bridge at Magnet Rd. The traffic lights at Hwy 212 an don Salem Rd do the same thing here. Traffic comes in waves and gets spaced out so those crossing Brown Bridge have to take chances when they cross. Morning and afternnoon traffic on Brown Bridge is terrible.


Frustrated 2 years ago on Douglas pins pay raise on fellow commissioners

No matter HOW the raises came about, it is ill timed and shows NO respect for the voters and taxpayers of the county not to mention what it says to the employees. How can you in good conscience accept a raise when you just asked, no TOLD us that you are raising our taxes and denied county employees raises for another year? I thank the Commissioners that are not putting the money in their pockets but unless that money goes back into the county general budget it sends the same message.


Frustrated 2 years ago on Newton school system, board to monitor alternative school transportation

I have a suggestion..since Johnson wants to keep all the routes why not let him pick them up and drive them back and forth or be the bus monitor? Maybe then he will see what the problems really are.... but I kinda doubt that will happen.


Frustrated 2 years, 1 month ago on JDA may remove Social Circle's debt obligation

Where is the money coming from to pay this debt? Are the taxpayers going to be responsible? After the BOC and BOE just raised our taxes now are we supposed to take on this as well?