FightOn 2 years ago on Ellis shares plan to save county money

Moving in the right directions TOGETHER is the only way that we will see progress. This is very encouraging to see that a plan is in place to dig deep into the finances and to eliminate the waste. There will be no place for personal agendas or political rhetoric. Expecting great things. Fight On !!!


FightOn 2 years, 10 months ago on Mansfield power line case going to appeals court

Thank you for sharing our story. We have fought hard to ensure that the bullying of GTC does not go unchecked. The process has damaged more than just the physical landscape of our rural community. Sadly, relationships have been harmed, often pitting neighbor against neighbor. Georgia Transmission Corporation could have exercised at least a modicum of restraint as they bulldozed our town. We are blessed to have a community such as Mansfield. Hopefully, the scars will heal, and we will once again be whole. Until the final bell, we will Fight On !!!


FightOn 3 years ago on Mansfield fights condemnation

GTC’s tactics have been bullying from the start. While true that 22 of the 24 property owners have reached an “agreement”, many settled only after being threatened with what might happen if they didn’t (lawyer fees etc…). Many of the signers did not have the resources available to fight this firm on their own. And concerning the gift of the property at the center of this fight, Beaver manufacturing has a long history of supporting the local citizens through the donation of land. (Fire Station, Beaver Park etc…) The L-shaped property mentioned in the article is one of the last remaining green-space properties left within the city limits. And if you want the TRUTH about the other property being held up by a simple Probate issue, you might want to talk to the owner of that property, as he is staunchly opposed to GTC’s taking of his land.

Throughout this yearlong process, the citizens have worked diligently to work with GTC to develop a route that actually made sense. GTC has demonstrated all along that the process was solely driven by cost and not by impact on the community. While testifying before a House of Representative subcommittee, they were questioned as to why their own self-touted industry leading software told them to take an alternate route but yet they chose the one that was least costly for them. (insert sounds of crickets here). The reason that Representative Holt’s resolution did not make it up for a vote is yet another reason that we need ethics reform in relation to the power of LOBBYISTS.

Bottom line is this: GTC did not count on the resolve of the citizens and Council of “Little ole Mansfield Ga”. They are accustomed to getting their way, and they may eventually reach their goal, but they will know that we were here. They continue to bully on, but we will FIGHT ON !!!


FightOn 3 years, 3 months ago on Power line project gets under way

GTC is continuing its bullying tactics. The desires of the citizens of Mansfield are being completely ignored. Who is next? If you think that you are not NEXT think again. The lobbyists are running our legislature. They successfully kept a study committee from looking at the issue. What are they so afraid of? This fight is far from over. We will FIGHT ON !!!


FightOn 3 years, 7 months ago on Jan. 31 Newton Sex Offenders

I wonder if it bothers anyone, or if visitors to our city would be interested to know that, currently there are 8 registered sex offenders living at the Covington Lodge? It is my opinion that hotels that allow sex offenders to reside there should be required to inform possible guests.


FightOn 3 years, 7 months ago on Mansfield hires attorney in power line dispute

GTC, You continue to boast that this process has been transparent, and that you have listened to the concerns of the citizens. So this should be a very easy question for you to answer. Could you please tell us ONE just ONE positive result that has been realized as a response to our concerns? There has been absolutely 0% change in your route since it has made its progression from "preferred" to "confirmed". Hollow words are an insult to this community. Mansfield deserves better.