Elizabeth_Allen 2 years, 3 months ago on Douglas pins pay raise on fellow commissioners

Here is the bottom line, RAISING taxes upon the citizens & continuing with the current furlough days and denying of raises for county employees - one week, and then in the next breath not doing anything about getting an automatic raise for those who carried out above actions, just the week before, is bad business and pretty much stupid! If it were not for John Douglas shining a light upon this - would anyone have really known anything about pay raises for the BOC? I thank him for bringing attention to this.

It seems those who are supposed to be public SERVANTS, have forgotten this and think those who work for the county and pay taxes to the county serves the BOC! It's time we the people - county employees and citizens remind them of this every day and especially at the next election cycle if they don't realize this between now and then.

With that said, I'm glad a majority of the BOC said they will donate these funds back to the general fund or their church.

As far as, "Maddox could not be reached for comment" - anyone surprised by this? I'm not - he's my BOC rep and this seems to be pretty much par for the course when it comes to BOC 5 Maddox! Seems he takes as much time to answer the paper's request as he does in keeping up w/his property taxes (in Porterdale and Newton County) - not much of a priority for him, apparently!

It's just time to really evaluate the way business is being done within the county, as well as the way it has been done in the county in the past. It's time to get those who seem to really want to change the way of doing business (John Douglas, Keith Ellis, Nancy Schulz, and Lanier Sims) and head in that direction - the other two can either get on board or sit back and get voted out of office when their reelection comes up again! It appears the four above understand our county government is NOT on the right track (and has not been in a long time) - change can be bad but if done right, can be good. I'm optimistic, if the above four will come together and make the necessary changes to get Newton in the right direction and clear the smoke out of the back rooms and put all deals under the spotlight of the public then the millage rate should have no problems in being lowered in 2 years, as well as taking care of the county employees that have taken the hits during this horrid economy. Instead of hitting the employees hard, our BOC's in the past should have tackled the deals that were NOT taxpayer friendly first before hitting the pocketbooks of our county employees. IF the above 4 mentioned will bring the necessary transparency to truly change the way business runs in Newton County and can leave shady back room deals in the past - where they belong, then our taxes could be lowered, businesses could return to the county and those who have gotten paid through bad contracts and other inefficient wastes of the taxpayer dollar will no longer profit while we the taxpayers & county employees get taken to the shed!