Duster 3 years ago on Camper overturns on I-20

Thats what you get when you pull a 32 ft trailer with a golfcart!


Duster 3 years ago on Newton Chamber president asks columnist to stop writing

Thats it mr hall. Dont tell the truth. Lets keep it all under the rug. Then spring the bad stuff on them later. I have lived in the county 44 years. My father and grand father before me. I am a true newton countyian. I for one need to know the truth. I dont live in a lala land of "its all good" If its looks like a duck, it has to be a duck. We "The people" are not stupid! This multi county thing has been in the works for decades. It started with a landfill and ended with the industrial park. If you dont like it leave. I did not invite you here to start with!


Duster 3 years, 2 months ago on OUR VIEW: Public input needed before county manager vote

NO! If this is done, it should be someone from in the county. Someone with some roots to our county. This shopping outside for people when we have many great leaders here is dumb! Someone we can hold accountable and will not run away when the heat is on. Has lived here for some time, and will be involved with the changes they will make. Not come to work, do a half job and then go home to another county. They should live here. And reap the rewards or failures they create.


Duster 3 years, 3 months ago on Letter: We gain more than we lose from T-SPLOST

It will hurt my wallet more then it will help me. We need to slow way down, Check out our leaders, and replace them. I dont trust them with more of my money!. They get enough from me and everyone. Stop the madness. Stop this stupid spending spree that they are on. Dumb roundabouts, parks that are not needed. Fix what is there. Show me that you can handle your money. (quote from Dad) and then we might talk about more. But for now, Dont give them anything. They cannot handle it.


Duster 3 years, 3 months ago on Letter: Sales tax should go to rapid rail

I agree and disagree. First, GDOT. Has plenty of money! I will not vote for nor will I support any splost in the next 20 years. We all have witnessed the Tax monster in action. The last local option sales tax was passed and backed by the Chamber. I listened to them rave about how if it was not passed, They would have to increase our Taxes. Even the board stated that. Then all of the sudden, it passed. And what did they do. They raised our taxes. Look at what our new splost is giving us. Paying off the prier splost. That’s criminal. Building of parks and auditoriums that are not needed for everyday life. We need responsibility in office. There is not a single person in office or that sits on a board that I Trust. We need to change them all. And why would I vote for rapid rail, when all it will bring is more problems to my area. This was once a great area to live and raise a family. Now its just a eastern area of Fulton, Dekalb, and Rockdale. Don’t hire a county mgr. Let the people that we elected get more involved with the people. I might not have agreed with everything Mr, Roy did, But at least he got out and talked to the people. You could confront him, and he might just blow you off. But at least he acted like he was listing. Vote NO on all future splost and taxes until they can learn how to use the money efficiently!!!