Duster 9 months, 2 weeks ago on The Newton Citizen Poll for July 7, 2013

Lets vote them out of office, and put some leadership that will 180 there choices. Put people in there that live a moral lifestyle and will listen to there public. You cant get them to answer there phone or e-mail, but you can go to any eating place and see them outside talking to there implanted followers (JD). I live in dist 1 and watching everything that is going on on my side of the county. (Baxter is a thorn in the side of this small farming comunity). I wonder what the time frame is for the building to the Sewerage plant on the little river and reverse flowing of the new line being installed on 278 is?


Duster 10 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for June 23, 2013

I seem to remember just a couple of years ago that we as tax payers were held hostage by the rants of the commissioners and the rotary club telling us that we needed to vote in the SPLOST. Because they would have to raise taxes if we did not vote it in. I also remember stating that they would raise them anyway. Remember they had to pay off the last SPLOST. This is wrong! Now here we are. I hope all of you understand that it has already passed! It just has not been voted on in a public forum. Get ready! I for one am calling for the ousting of all of the members in the next election. I do hope that all of the God fearing citizens of Newton County do the same.


Duster 1 year ago on Private meeting draws ire of commissioner

I just miss my old home. Then everyone had to move in to get away from the (City). Then start telling us how we have been doing it wrong for so long. "Aw. we need a store here and there". "There is nothing to do here". "I dont like what my new neighbors are doing on there land". Start going to Church. See what life is realy about. Dont tread on me! We is just poor dirt farmers that dont know nutten.


Duster 1 year, 1 month ago on Proponent, opponent for Newton SPLOST speak at forum

Cameras in the classrooms? Cameras on the busses? But how many of them are working? And How have they helped? I know of 2 times where they say they did not work. What is wrong with Eastside now? I kept saying they should of planed on expansion when they built it. But was told it would not be needed. But they built it to small on a lot that was to small to start with. Then let a big subdivision move in and take the land that could have been used for expansion. They want you to think they are planning for the future, but they do not do a good job of it. Then they say we will build a new school, and close the old one, but never do close the old one. Look at the school in Oxford. It is still in business. Look at Sharp. That could be torn down and a new large multi floor school built in its place that would last for decades. Look at what they have done at Mansfield and East Newton. Just add on and move forward. These old schools cost to keep lights on. Water on. Heating and cooling. That is why it keeps costing us money. Build a new school and tear down the old one. Don’t about face on what you say. That is why WE as the public will not trust you or give you more money.


Duster 1 year, 5 months ago on 77-year-old man charged after holding teen trespassers at gunpoint

"3.The moms had already met to go pick up the boys and their bikes when the boys called that they were in trouble. The mom picked up her purse which had her firearm. Neither mom went out into the woods to cause problems. They went out because their young sons were in trouble being held at gunpoint. Can you even imagine walking up and seeing your child with a gun pointed at him or her. Think about it folks! The boys were being boys out on a Saturday afternoon of riding. They are not the type of boys to disobey the law if they are aware of the law. The moms are hardworking, well educated moms. Now you know the facts."

So the fact that the Moms had dropped the boys off to ride on someone’s property is showing that they support the out of control actions of there boys. What a mess!


Duster 1 year, 5 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Oct. 28, 2012

Thank you for that lesson about the Bible. But that is about the power of Gob being absolute. Not about a presidency or any other gov. I am glad you think I have issues. Which I do. But loving God is not one of them.


Duster 1 year, 6 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Oct. 28, 2012

I cannot find this in my King James Bible "respect the government". Can you give the Chap and verse it is in? I know In Isaiah it talks about the Government of God. But it has to do with Jesus. If the left likes the way News papers (in general) and TV reporters support one party or the other, Then you should have no objections to a person who puts his opinion in the paper. Ever since obama got into the white house, he has been treated like he is some sort of god. He is just a man, like all of the presidents before him. I do not think he is a citizen of this great country, and I think he is a liar and hates America. And I believe he is anti Christ and anti Israel. His actions and inactions show this. The first lady shows distain for this country. We all saw what she said to the president on the anniversary of 9/11 last year. The Government You talk about is the God fearing People. Not a man at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Oh yeah. This is my opinion. You’ve got your own.


Duster 1 year, 6 months ago on Jeff Meadors: It's time to heed what the data are telling us

"Racist" is just the new word to give explanation to failure. Everybody writing about this article shows that they care about what is going on with our kids. But everyone is also scared to state the real facts about the problem. We have taken what’s really important out of school. I not talking religion! That’s also a dirty word. But "Learning" They cant learn because they have to stay at ball practice or some other sport to the late hours. Don’t do homework and dare anyone to say anything. When its time to leave school grades are down, Discipline has not taken place, and the fact that there grades will hold them back for going to college or pro sports infuriates the parents. It’s sad. Look at the ones that have the big degrees. Yeah they went to school for it. But the ones that went to work, joined the service, got out and made their way are the smart ones. They know a lot more about life and the world then most professional students that graduate and get to be there boss. I work with many good college-educated people. But each one worked the real world and put them selves through school. We have taken the principle of being taught out of our schools, and put the spotlight on what the child wants. At 15 or 16 years and younger these kids have no clue to what they want. And should not be given a choice in how they act at school. jmo!


Duster 1 year, 6 months ago on Sept. 30 Newton Citizen Poll

To the one that moved out of Covington. I am sorry you had to move. I am a lifetime res of Newton County. As was my father, grandfather, and so on. I too am contemplating moving out of this County. It is awful that we must live this way. But the liberal since of equality is so mixed up. The influx of crime is a direct reaction to the inaction by the law makers we put in place. We give the criminal more rights than the law abiding citizens. This is not what the constitution states to do. This is not what the bible states to do, and to keep all of the atheist and other non-Christian religions happy, this is not what nature states to do. But for some reason, (voting numbers) our elected officials would rather have crime ridden neighborhoods and trailer parks. We don’t only need to clean up the streets, We need to clean up the public offices that politicians pander there tax payer funded programs.