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1- Since we're on the subject of assuming things you assume quite a bit about Alcovy even though you don't go there and (assuming you have kids) they don't go there. Or perhaps you are the parent who's had a bad experience at Alcovy because of your child? How was it Dr. Carpenter's fault exactly? You know come to think of it there are teachers on here and if any teacher shares your feeling why don't they get a transfer to another school?

I have not a clue when Dr. Carpenter began dating her husband I personally think it was after she got the job because I did not here any word from anyone in the community about her dating the deputy superintendent until the beginning of my junior year almost a year and a half ago (August 2010) and she didn't even begin her tenure as principal until the 2009-2010 school year ONE YEAR BEFOREHAND

On that note, why do you care? It's none of our business what she does unless she hinders the education of the student body which she has not done.If you know when they started dating why are you snooping around in business that isn't yours?? Even if nepotism was involved, Dr. D. Carpenter is only one man on the NCBOE. Already you have Mr. Meadors and Dr. Matthews and other board members I don't know the names of who would nip the bias in the bud and even if they didn't outbalance the bias, why aren't they?

Never once did I say she would win this lawsuit; in all honesty it's pretty much a waste of her precious time but all 11 are you are BULLYING her. As I said in my first comment, It's one thing to constructively criticize someone in an adult manner to have them improve on their job and It's something else entirely to make blatant, ignorant and slanderous statements about one's family and character based upon nothing more than mere rumors and heresay within the community.

That's EXACTLY what all of you are doing! No documented evidence of any professional (let alone personal) allegation against the Carpenters.

And you know what, I may be outnumbered, but those on my side actually go to the school as a student or a teacher and most of those teachers have been teaching there for years (and will continue to teach there for years to come)

What's so sad is you wanna talk about "setting the example for our kids" think of the example YOU are all setting. You're ADULTS and all you can think of to do is BULLY this woman and her family?!?!!!

Pathetic. Just pathetic.


Da_big_1 2 years, 9 months ago on Alcovy principal sues over website comments

Firstly- Show me documented and reliable evidence that Alcovy is just SOO BAD.

Secondly- "...for every one teacher or parent who is satisfied, I can give you 50 teachers, students or parents who are not".

To the teachers, I can tell you most of them who have nothing but bad things to say about Alcovy probably don't enjoy their jobs PERIOD; regardless of where they teach. I've had these types of teachers in the past, and they don't teach to better educate me or my fellow students. Either these teachers are apathetic to their jobs altogether, or they're apathetic to the classes they have "lost control of" and to that I ask these teachers: just what DID you do to take control of the class? I know most experienced teachers at AHS will tell you that if you can't control a classroom, that's on you (referring to the teacher)

To the students, well first off the students have no right to complain because they're given a FREE education and second off these students are not in the upper-echelon of scholastics. I see it every day on facebook and hear about it every day in the halls, and I can tell you from MY personal experience AS OF A FEW HOURS AGO that those who complain about Alcovy (and there are not that many) are NOT at Alcovy to get an education. They are there to do other things and that DOES NOT fall under Dr. Carpenter, much less the ENTIRE ADMINISTRATION'S dicretion: it's THE PARENTS

Which finally, brings me to my last point

To the parents, how much do you believe you're child hmm? If I told some parents their child was failing a class or doing drugs outside of school or sleeping around with every person they see, 99% of parents would outright deny it EVEN IF THEY KNOW IT'S TRUE. The parents of ANY STUDENT at ANY Newton County School need to to understand that perhaps maybe, JUST MAYBE it's their child's fault they did something wrong. Not the teacher's. Not the administration's. Not another student's. THEIRS. These parents make me SICK because their 'first hand, direct experience' is just that one little incident ("Oh Mommy and Daddy I'm failing!" or "Oh Mommy and Daddy so and so made fun of me!" or "Oh Mommy and Daddy I got suspended!") leads to a not very effective solution ("Okay Johnny we'll take you out of Alcovy!") which leads to an assumption not made based on any facts whatsoever (It's all that Dr. Carpenter's fault! Her ON TODAY and ON TOMORROW is affecting the students and making them EVIL!")

You don't go to Alcovy. You don't know what happens. I'm a senior at AHS, and I AM, and WILL ALWAYS be PROUD to be called an ALCOVY TIGER!

You wanna improve the schools:


Because really, if you get the Carpenters thrown out of Covington, out of the schools and even out on the street, what good is that REALLY going to do?

Because if she really is as bad as you say she is (and she isn't, but hypothetically) who was it who hired her in the first place?


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May I ask, which Private School? Because while there are some reputable private institutions in the area, there 's one in particular (alpha omega) that most of the transfers have gone to because you only have to go to school two days a week and the work is not at all rigorous. Plus "transfer: could also mean that said "transfer" dropped out (I'm one senior in a graduating class of about 250 that started with a class of over 400 in 2008).

And yet you call yourself "A parent of Alcovy" yet your child DOESN'T EVEN GO THERE! How long has it been hmm? A month? A year? More? My point is what I said in my post: If your child doesn't go, they don't know what goes on outside of what they read on facebook (which then begs the question of why they believed a rumor about a school they don't even go to on FACEBOOK).

And how do you know your son isn't just blowing things out of proportion? THE STUDENTS are EXPERTS at doing just that, and they're the ones who start these ignorant comments about the school, the principal, other students, etc.

Lastly, "fan club"? Go personally talk to the teachers, staff and students that attend Alcovy. They'd agree that Alcovy is not all that bad of a school to be in, and if it is, it's only because of a select population of students that get publicity an that goes into aspects the media uses to keep us watching (IE: Why WSB covers a shooting in Atlanta and not a Charity Event,etc.) and that's a-whole-nother conversation altogether.


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You know with this being the talk of the town at Alcovy, I noticed something.

On one side you have those who want nothing more than for both Dr. Carpenters to be out of Covington, out of the schools, heck out of a job altogether and out on the street. Most of the people on this side follow one of a few criteria

1) They are students or parent of a student who attends AHS and they are NOT in AP classes, ARE in ISS every other week, barely getting by with Ds-Cs or failing altogether.

2) They are students or parents of students who have DROPPED OUT of AHS (because being a dropout is just SO MUCH BETTER than attending big bad Alcovy)

3) They are students, parents of students, or 'concerned citizens' who DON'T GO TO AHS EVERYDAY

On the other side are those who are more or less on Dr. Carpenter's side. They too meet a few criteria:

1) Students or parents who are AP/ Honor Roll students who maintain straight As or an A/B average

2) They are teachers and administrators at AHS who go to work, do their jobs well and have an amazing reception from other students and colleagues whom they work with.

3) Students or parents of students who attend Alcovy every day and know the difference between what really goes on within the walls of Alcovy and students wanting attention and needless pity.

I align myself with the latter side

NO I don't think Dr. Carpenter will win this case to be honesty but THIS NEEDS TO STOP

It's one thing to constructively criticize someone in an adult manner to have them improve on their job.

It's something else entirely to make blatant and slanderous statements about one's family and character based upon nothing more than mere rumors and heresay within the community.

You want to know WHY Dr. Matthews isn't commenting on this issue? Because the allegations most of you are making are just as I have said: Blatant. Slanderous. Not based on any factual information (and if it is, surely you can get reliable proof?). What teacher does outside of school is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It does not even BECOME your business unless YOUR CHILD (who actually attends AHS and NOT Eastside or Newton) is missing the primary objective of school altogether: TO GET AN EDUCATION.

Yes, I know I'm going to get replies saying how "I don't know my facts" and I honestly don't care, but the REAL fact is that most of the teachers, staff, faculty, students, etc. who actually have any sense would tell you that, for the most part, Alcovy is really NOT THAT BAD!

On a similar note, why is it whenever an issue in ANY of Newton County's high schools arises Alcovy is to blamed? Are Eastside and Newton just absolutely PERFECT schools to attend and Alcovy is just condemned to be horrible for all eternity??? I find that hard to believe...


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Eastside and Newton have the EXACT SAME PROBLEMS! To say they're perfect is RIDICULOUS!

And all of the Rockdale schools have a STRONGER discipline policy thanks to the Rockdale Co. BOE! Take this for example: at all 3 Newton Co. schools, if you are wearing a hat, you are asked politely to take the hat off, in Rockdale, if you are even SEEN with a hat you have it confiscated and your suspended for 3 days NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

And if I was reading right, GANG ISSUES?!?!?!?!!!


My school has no such "gangs", we have kids that act like they're in one, but they're not! No student I know has the guts to commit any kind of crime, they just wanna pretend they're bad because society has a standard that education is dumb and is only wasting your time. I do not fear for my life at Alcovy and the teachers are even less fearful. To say Alcovy has gangs totally blowing the whole issue out of proportion! All they ever do is a draw a few little symbols on the bathroom wall, let their pants sag, and listen to explicit rap music. Saying Alcovy has a "gang issue" is like me telling my parents I made a bad grade when it was a B instead of an A. Don't believe me? Ask any of the teachers who have been teaching there for more than a year; all of them would agree with me.

Now I believe we do have disciplinary issues but that's due to the students for acting a fool (and their parents let them act that way) and the BOE for not implementing strict disciplinary policies.Dr. Matthews if you ever read this, implement stricter policies; our county should have ZERO TOLERANCE for this kind of behavior and you need to hit the kids and parents where it would hurt: THEIR WALLETS!

Personally, if I had the power, if a student misbehaves they are given 5 days ISS and the parents MUST pay a $50. "THE SCHOOL HAS NO RIGHT TO TAKE OUR MONEY!" well your child right to infringe on my education either, but they did it anyway.

That's what I would do personally but Dr. Matthews doesn't have to go with my views; speaking of which why don't you ask Dr. Matthews about the students HE has met from Alcovy, I bet $1,000 he would tell you opposite what you think.


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She's the principal, yes true. I also agree 1000000000% that she has NO CONTROL over the students whatsoever but there are a few things I disagree with in your statement:

We (as I am a senior at AHS myself) are old enough to think for ourselves for the most part. You can implement rules and such but the students run rampant because, as I said THEY DO NOT CARE. THOSE students are the problem and because of the SCHOOL BOARD'S (not Alcovy's, as Newton and Eastside have virtually the exact same discipline problems; which by the way they aren't exactly the cream of the crop either) discipline policies! Sure you can put your kids in time out and take away their TV but if they won't stop misbehaving that's when you bring out THE BELT. There is a HUUUGE discipline problem at Alcovy but our administration can only do so much because either A) the BOE can fire them if discipline is deemed "too severe" B) Parents will complain and complain and complain some more.

Yes she (and really ALL OF THE OTHER ADMINISTRATORS) does need to be held accountable but the brunt of my school's problems shouldn't be on her; it should be on all the idiotic, immature students and the parents who don't care that they behave that way.Iin my personal opinion, if a student misbehaves in a severe enough manner he/she should be kicked out of school and not be allowed to return NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It would save time and MILLIONS in taxpayer money.


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Wait, wait just WAIT A MINUTE!!!

A food fight happens within the walls of my school...and you blame the principal?!?!! Really?? I thought adults were supposed to be...adults!! You guys complain about this that and the other, but do you know what I think?

I think that the kids need to be held accountable for their actions and that can only be done with help of PARENTS! You guys are pointing the finger at the WRONG people!!! Some of you need to grow a pair and ask yourself "Was my kid involved?" and if he/she was PUNISH THEM TO THE HIGHEST EXTENT YOU CAN! And even if they weren't they may have seen something BUT because of all this "snitches get stitches" bull that these cowardly young adults follow, they aren't doing the right thing and telling the administration who did it so THAT PERSON not the WHOLE GROUP gets the shaft! I know i'm going to make some parents mad by saying this (cuz little Suzie Q. who's failing 4 classes, sleeping around with everybody at the school and getting high every day behind your back is just SO SPECIAL) but some of you parents need to sit back and think about what your children are REALLY doing and hold THEM accountable for THEIR actions. Now most of the young adults I know are really REALLY great kids but there's a crowd of them that act like complete MORONS and screw it up for the rest of us.

Personally, I think those who were involved in the food fight should be expelled from AHS and NEVER be allowed to come back. You guys wanna talk about a waste of taxpayer dollars, how about all the students at AHS who DON'T CARE about their education and are a WASTE of effort, time, space, resources and YOUR TAXPAYER MONEY! JUAT KICK THEM TO THE CURB IF THEY DON'T WANNA BE THERE IT ISN'T THAT HARD!!!