Cowboy41 3 years, 2 months ago on Multiple cows cause crashes overnight on U.S. Highway 278

Guys and Gals,

The Alcovy Principle is one thing and totally understand were everybody has gone . I have had one to Graduate from there and one there now and can say that the school has changed a great deal. I also think that with all the talk thats going on about what the upper bees are up to can and will work themselves out of a job!!! But to blog about someone losing there livelyhood COWS that is...theres a time and a place for all this. Not trying to be debbie downer but show some compassion and the hard work that goes into working with them and feeding,vaccanate,worming and so on. Its a huge investment in the farmers behalf and for them to get out cause accidents and for someone to get hurt just made his cost double if not triple his or hers premium and that could potentially put them out of a job,farm whatever.. Thanks