Covingtonian 2 years, 9 months ago

God help us all! Just had to respond to the narrow minded Will's comments. First let me say that I have a full time job and live in the community (West st.) where this horrible murder took place. My first inclination that something was amiss was when I was awaken by a concerned relative who called to check on my welfare because there was talk that two people had been shot at a local store that I frequent. Yes I was awaken because I work a third shift job. While trying to go back to sleep I hear this helicopter fly over (WSB-TV) and proceed to hoover almost directly above my house for about an hour. Forget about sleep, I decided to get dressed and walk up to Washington St. Yes there were people standing around and some were laughing as were a couple of the three State Troopers on scene. People handle tragedies in various ways. Now as far as those people apparently not working because they were there. There are two community grocers at that intersection, a car repair shop, a used car dealership, A lawn mower repair shop and a nursing home within a few feet of the crash. Also there were people there from at least four communities partly because of the hoovering copter and word spreading through the community that two (mis information) people had been shot at Rico's, the store where the vehicle came to rest. I saw retired people, some white people and I am sure some shoppers along with those rubber necking. Because you feel that it was inappropiate to bring small kids, which debunks your comment that "all were of working age" you want others to feel the same. Personally I have a problem with Harry Potter and the Vampire diaries which I feel deals with the occult, but I don't impose my feelings upon those who go to gawk at the filming or showing of such. The comment "because Obama is paying for all their needs" tells me all I need to know about Will. Finally, Will should have read the article where Rev. Russell says he was inside the store buying coffee when he heard a shot and came out. I do agree that society as a whole is in serious trouble i.e a father who murders his two children while a social worker tries desperately to get help, Casey Anthony and closer to home a high school student drinking and driving causing the death of an innocent person. As I stated in the beginning "GOD help us all".


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