CovCitizen 3 years, 5 months ago on Student allegedly attacked in Alcovy classroom

My daughter was in a classroom next door to where this fight took place, and she said she could hear the victim screaming and crying for help for an extended period of time. Was the teacher indeed at the door monitoring the halls? If so, how long did it take someone to break up this beating (yes, I said beating. This is definitely more than just a fight!). My daughter has told me on more than one occasion that teachers leave the rooms unattended during class change in order to use the restroom, get drinks, etc. She also says that there are never any teachers monitoring the halls during class change. Kids will do as much as they are allowed to get away with, which is why something must be done to improve supervision and safety of our students. To quote my wise 15-year old, "No one in authority cares at all about what happens at that school." Sad.