Concerned2189 3 years, 7 months ago on Philip Bradford will run for sheriff of Newton County

LE4LIFE, just because someone has not worked for a Sheriff's Department before does not mean they dont have the qualifications to become Sheriff. Obviously you have never worked with Capt. Bradford before. I was assigned to E.M.D.E.T. when he was the commander and I can tell you what qualifies him to be the Sheriff of Newton County.......he is a proven leader!!! He is without doubt the most experienced, knowledgeable, educated man for the job!!!!! Newton County would be over run with drug dealers if it were not for Capt. Bradford. If you want you department to remain as old fashion as it is now then maybe he is not the guy for you.........but if you finally want that department to be brought into the 21st century, he is the perfect man for the job!!!!!! Capt. Bradford has my vote!!!!!