Chambermaid 2 years, 4 months ago on Jeff Meadors: School system taking the wrong route on alternative school bus service

Im very proud of you Covingtonian actually agreeing with Meadors. Wow. You used to think he was the Devil...........

Yes it should be parents job to take their misbehaving children to school. I agree


Chambermaid 2 years, 9 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Jan. 13, 2013

I am going to send in a recommendation. No need to look for another super their is one qualified sitting in the board room who is Vice chair I think that would be the boards best chance of recovering. Just an opinion.


Chambermaid 2 years, 10 months ago on Newton school superintendent to retire in June

Dennis Carpenter should not be in charge of so much. He has made costly mistakes at taxpayer expense while using his wife to sue people. I do not trust him with SPLOST vote NO.


Chambermaid 2 years, 11 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Nov. 18, 2012

Meadors tells the truth and it isn't his fault that he tells the truth and uses proper grammar. I don't see anything misleading or lied about. To the writer why are you so bitter? You should be bitter about all the goings on at Alcovy the missing money and all the reciepts and other things that cannot be accounted for. I mean these people are the problem not a columnist who gives examples on how to solve problems and gives actual data. You really want to talk about "baloney" look at the other board members with the exception of Meadors of Henderson-baker the others have no clue what is even going on. That in my opinion is baloney. You might want to read his articles again. I think that maybe you may be a little confused my friend.

Do you even know what narcissistic means? Narcissistic "a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy.

I hardly think that describes him at all. Look at Eddie Johnson or Dennis Carpenter they fit that to a tee.


Chambermaid 2 years, 11 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Nov. 11, 2012

In all fairness yes a nepotism policy needs to be written now? The longer we wait the longer NCSS is going to suffer. However if your waiting on Gary Matthews to write it then go ahead and wait. But it may be a long long wait.


Chambermaid 2 years, 11 months ago on Ga. voters OK charter schools amendment

Two words to make Newton want power AWAY from local boards: LaQuanda Carpenter. LaQuanda Carpenter has led Alcovy High School for 3 years and every piece of data on student achievement is low or below county or below county and state it is in almost every article every paper. We have to hire principals who are not dating the people overseeing Human Resources. DId we not learn anything from Lead Learners LLC and Dennis Carpenter?


Chambermaid 2 years, 11 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Leadership focused on student achievement pays off

He always gets it right. Right on the lawsuit crap of LaQuanda Carpenter. We all smell missing money and alcohol at Alcovy High. He took on corruption when Mattthews was weak. Right on charters..right on data. Right on.


Chambermaid 3 years ago on School board to vote on Charter Academy renewal

Newtonqq I think a couple of them do I can't speak for the rest of them no. The way they are acting it does appear that way I understand that. Yes the BOE is at fault as well. I do agree. However all this negativity has shifted focus elsewhere as well.

Ontoday your right the one you honestly and truly are for the students was sued, and all this going back and forth is ridiculous it needs to stop.


Chambermaid 3 years ago on Forums lined up before General Election

Those particular questions are going to be hard on anyone to answer right now because of all the backstabbing kniving going on. Also we need people that are sincere not to blow smoke who and tell us what we need to hear, like so many do. Hope fully soon we will have the same thing that we all need and want CHANGE!!!!!!

Get everyone to come together as a team for once to get this crap behind us and move on. Make Newton County look appealing by giving it the one thing it lacks, Us all working together to fix the problem. That's more appealing, believe it or not that would draw more people if you think about it..

Something to think about it.


Chambermaid 3 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Oct. 7, 2012

@ the commenter about the Boe and Newton County I completely 100% agree with you.