Calisweetheart 2 years, 1 month ago on School Crime Reports for Aug. 23, 2013

I am writing in to ask a question is the newton county school board being threatened with a lawsuit about praying at the public meetings i was told this down at the square and i have some questions since they stopped doing this the month of august at the meetings and i was told this national group has been emailing copies of the threatening letter and i want to see a copy


Calisweetheart 2 years, 8 months ago on Newton school board to pay Carpenters nearly $70K

I have a solution pay meadors and publically apologize to all 3 of them but I believe that they all deserve compensation.


Calisweetheart 2 years, 11 months ago on Meadors' attorney: Lawsuit dismissal is vindication

What was Foster sniffing out? How can we know. Citizen ask for a sit down interview with Foster.


Calisweetheart 3 years ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Oct. 7, 2012

Plain and simple Stephanie Lindsey needs to be investigated. I have to agree about Sen. John Douglas I did read that and congratulations to him for going after that someones needs to. The other publication needs to give it a rest they are crappy as is and they are making their image worse.


Calisweetheart 3 years ago on Nearly 3K students withdrew from schools last year, 300 students dropped out

I find great humor in the fact that Mr Mathews doesnt even have the respect to come back on here and answer our questions!!! I also cannot believe that he was on here to begin with, so my question is SIR you can find time to blog but not help the board and your NCSS come to a conclusion on how to stop this chaos? Interesting! Maybe Dennis took lessons from you or vice versa on trolling the comments. Wow, but can't seem to figure the problems out. Well I will give you a hint.

Admin, teachers and everything in between.


Calisweetheart 3 years ago on County turns over last NSP houses to Habitat

I smell a rat here.  Why are these homes being given away?  Did not the county pay for or use funds to buy the lots and what funs?  Can the Newton Citizen explain?  Why can these homes not be sold? 


Calisweetheart 3 years ago on Freedom of speech our most sacred right

Judge Costley you have my highest respect and thank you for speaking out like many others have I do not know why Hall remains Chamber Pres at this point.  I don't care if you like or hate an elected official or what they do or don't do. . Usually we don't know the whole story but truth?  I mean come on telling the truth in Newton County is wrong?  Look at the school crime reports.  The columnist does not have to tell me anything about data I see the crime at Alcovy High for myself and in the school crime reports but for Hunter Hall to complain to the man's workplace?  OUT OF LINE and Hall should not only go but issue a public apology and he may just want to get a lawyer himself.  Like or hate anyone elected officers should not be dressed down personally in public.


Calisweetheart 3 years ago on Jeff Meadors: Tough leadership needed for school change

i do not understand all the hype about these columns - i love them and there is written evidence of Dennis Carpenter and Gary Matthews praising the articles not only praising but sending them to some of us on the ELT