CEG 3 years, 4 months ago on Newton career academy to expand dual enrollment courses

Dual enrollment sounds great, but be aware of the limitations. Top notch schools, like Emory, will not award transfer credits for courses taught on a high school campus, even if those classes are taught by college instructors.
Also note that an associate's degree requires somewhere in the neighborhood of 24-30 hours of college credit. Each class provides 3-4 hours of credit. So, dual enrollment at one course per year provides only 6-8 hours of the 24-30 required. Therefore, parents will pay out of pocket for the remaining courses. These courses are still cheaper than if taken at UGA / TECH / Emory, etc., so it may still be a good option.
Do the research and check on your intended college's requirements before committing time and money. What may be more important than the expense is the fact that these classes can also provide a break from the normal rigmarole of the high school classroom, and thus the intrinsic value may be worth the cost.


CEG 3 years, 4 months ago on Jeff Meadors: Teachers should be teaching, not policing bullies

Mr. Meadors, You are an amazing advocate for teachers in this county! Thanks for your help, and please keep up your work. It is sad that teachers are not even free to go to the county office without fear of reprisal at their schools.
Something has to be done from the top to eliminate bullying. Students will push the envelope as far as adults allow them, and our adults would rather befriend students than educate them.


CEG 3 years, 4 months ago on Man About Town Charles Wilborn works hard to make others smile

Mr. Charles is an amazing member of this community. His contributions are immeasurable; may he continue to influence our students and adults for many, many years!