BillyBoy1213 3 years, 2 months ago on Sheriff, NCSO deputies on duty at DNC in Charlotte, N.C.

Dear Negative Bloggers,

This type of negativity really needs to cease from continuing to go on in this manner. The NCSO was not the only law enforcement agency selected to provide additional needed security measures. The expenses of the required trip were paid by the Government and not the NCSO. If the City of Covington Police Department received the same request they would have fulfilled it as well. This decision was made many months ago, which required the much needed security measures to take place to make this happen. Stop trying to find the negative things to talk about when it’s a positive situation focus on the re-election of an exceptional sheriff and help support his much needed work. He has done a lot for the NCSO since he has been in office and the NSCO has received numerous recommendations since he has been in office. Four years for this magnifying Sheriff is just not enough. Please help support the Re-Election of Sheriff Ezell Brown.


BillyBoy1213 3 years, 3 months ago on Newton Sheriff's Office achieves State Certification

You must be a Bradford supporter... All I have to say is go research the guy, because I haven't heard anything good about this guy. Read your facts before you support someone just because of a face. Good luck with supporting that guy Covingtonian...