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So if this new amendment says he is writing aginst them then why did husband pass this email all around which was forwarded to our high school to last September.  Do an Open Records on his 9/20/11 emails going out and you will see this text from husband:  Team BOE:   See the link below.  I just took the opportunity to read this article as posted in the Covington News by one of your/our own...Mr. Meadors!  I thought was worth sharing as I believe it to be very well-written and equally as provocative, in terms of challenging our mindsets as educators.    Mr. Meadors:  Good Job!  Good Job!  You have represented our board and community well with this thought-provoking, indigenous piece!   See you all later this evening...dlc   Cc: ELT Members   Here is the link:  


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So after reading a recent article that a BOE member is all these names I don't know what to think. I am not a man and im not a board member and I take credit full responsiblilty for what I have said and done which was nothing more then a matter of opinion. I can't help people don't like what they see and all I can say is don't read it if it bothers you. Leave Mr Meadors alone he has done nothing and all these allegations are false. The beauty of the first amendment is that Im aloud to make comments under what ever name I so choose. Search the Ip address and I promise you that would be made a fool out of . Then what would happpen? I hope an apology. Stop the accusations people cause your wrong.


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Hey ya'll I found this and it is great:  First, fellow "defendants," congratulations! We must have really struck a nerve with our comments if, from among the hundreds posted, ours were selected as "defamatory." Had I known I was going to be quoted in a lawsuit, I would have paid closer attention to grammar and spelling. Also, I'd like to apologize for what feels like a very lame pseudonym compared to yours. Again, had I known I was going to be named in court and the press, I would have gone for something with more panache like amp72 and satan69. Well played, fellow defendants. Well played.

Second, Newton Citizen, I wonder if you will continue to protect the identities of "LaQuanda's Eleven" who felt secure in making comments in this forum because of the level of anonymity we are granted. What role does your moderator play in this last ditch effort to help land one person a judgeship and another a high paying job out of state? This will be very interesting to watch unfold.

Third, every fiber of my being wants to come forward, Dr. Carpenter, because I don't have it in me to remain anonymous. However, you should have to work for it, for something at least. If you won't or are unable to work in the capacity as a high school principal for which my tax dollars pay and which opens you to the criticism of your peers and public, then at least you can work to uncover the identity of the 11 people you have accused of defaming your name. And I have to ask- is this why you've been off campus so much this week? You've been filing a laughable lawsuit? That's certainly one way to prove your worth as a principal. Can you seriously wonder why the public takes to a forum to express displeasure with your job performance when you are rarely seen on campus and have now further impugned your name with what amounts to tattling?

Fourth, the burden of proof is on you here and, goodness knows, I'm no lawyer, BUT I'm confident I can prove that my statements are true. I called you unqualified and I stated that you mismanaged AHS. In my opinion (I still get to have those, yes?), you are unqualified. You have no experience in running a high school and it shows. The person who hired you may have deemed you qualified, but I do not. And I get to think that. And I get to share that with others here and elsewhere without fear of persecution because free speech. I also stated that you mismanaged the school. Under your "leadership," AHS has dropped to the lowest graduation rate in the county. That's just a fact.


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Please go to Facebook and FRIEND Shannon Black and show your support. We support WOMEN AGAINST STEPHANIE LINDSEY


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Ok now we heard that employees are coming out now about the club funds


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Amp, thats funny maybe when we hit chickens we should say eat more beef. I'm just shocked that many escaped that is a shame. What's really bad is the the guy who lost them I feel bad for him.

Maybe the cows wanted an education at Gpc and wanted to enroll so they decided to just wander over there and wait for an advisor. Lol. You have got to laugh people. No I know now what they were looking for they heard news of the law suit and they were coming to support Newton County all 40 of them. I want to take this time to give thanks to all the Fallen cows for there support and may you all rest in peace for the valiant effort to show your support. That is dedication people. I love cows.

If your cow family needs any representation for a lawyer for you all jaywalking I know a fabulous lawyer.

Give me a call . 1-800 ole mcdonald had a farm.


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Principals cannot exercise the right to putting this lady on leave. Did she talk with HR? HR is her husband and his best friend he hired from Clayton. This is not a principal-HR decision it is a supt - bd attorney decision. If she broke the law FIRE HER NOW and SUE ME LATER for saying it.


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For the good of the people. The public interest in being fully informed about controversies that often rage around sensitive issues demands that the press be afforded the freedom to report such charges without assuming responsibility for them."


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What is the problem here?
Defendant amp72: "...And she is crazy if she thinks they suddenly vanished. Another example of her brushing stuff under the rug to portray a positive image. That's all she is concerned about..."

Defendant amp72: "...AHS has been going down hill not just because of parenting but because the administration has no guts..."

Defendant amp72: "Bad news from Jackson. Word is they are not happy with either candidate, but especially Carpenter. Apparently people were upset before, and now even more after they read articles and comments in this newspaper. Apparently they were not impressed with this public forum or the fact that people here are ready to move him on

Let's look at comment one. We know that 3,000.00 of money just disappeared in 2009. We know that 350.00 of school money was spent on tequila in Florida and there are witnesses real close to AHS who will testify in court against the person who bought it. Can't wait to get this out there finally. We know these things were swept under the rug.

Comment two: True. The hallways are chaos. Students are treated differently based on whether their parents are in the sorority. The school has declined with lowest grad rate. Administration cannot handle it as it has gone too far with no central office intervention.

Comment three: A summary of an article from the Jackson MS Clarion Ledger? Libel? NOT.


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I have to agree that we really really need these for fights and for cars and for everything else in the book. I say yes put them in. PLEASE for the kids welfare.