AvaElizabeth 3 years, 1 month ago on Conyers teen competes in national texting competition

Oh thanks, it is quite an accomplishment and yes it is newsworthy. I'm pretty sure you would've been excited for your son/daughter had they gotten this far in such a huge competition. I'm sorry that this isn't something to congratulate someone on, but this is an opportunity for me to win $50,000 which will pay off any college debts I incur and I also get a free trip to New York, which I have never been to, but this trip will certainly broaden my horizons. If that still isn't good enough for you I have been to Europe and sat in on Parliament, which I know not many people can say that they've done. Can you? I doubt it. Everything I do, and have ever done in my life is only to get me further ahead. If you really feel that the one in a billion chance for a child to make it in sports is of importance, you probably need to reevaluate your values. It may not be what you'd consider an accomplishment, but there are many other people who are proud of me and want to see me succeed, because they know I'm going far.