Aurora 1 year, 10 months ago on Covington Council to consider nighttime filming policy

The issue isn't wanting to be compensated. I'm sorry you feel that a citizen wanting to protect their right to privacy, their right to be able to receive emergency services without delay due to blocked roads, their right to peace and quiet is merely "crying like a baby." I'll let VD know they can come set up their crew's equipment in front of your house since you won't mind as long as they compensate you. For some people, it isn't about the money.


Aurora 1 year, 11 months ago on Covington Council to consider nighttime filming policy

Please explain the "good" that filming has brought to the residents of Covington? I don't see any way it's benefited our citizens to be inconvenienced by filming, to have our police officers used as private security for the filming crew (while they wear their police uniforms and use government equipment that was not purchased by the Vampire Diaries production company I might add). Please consider how YOU would feel if they were on YOUR street keeping you from getting to YOUR driveway and to have your street swarmed with crew members making noise after 10pm that keeps YOU awake all night so that you can hardly get up to go work at your own job in Atlanta. How about you become the one who gets to experience "a small and very temporary inconvenience?" Maybe then you could be considerate of your fellow citizens. The benefit to the city should not outweigh the rights of a citizen, even if it is only one citizen. This town needs new leadership, especially a new city manager.


Aurora 1 year, 11 months ago on Newton Citizen Poll for Oct. 21, 2012

If the police officers acting as private security for Vampire Diaries are off duty and are being paid by VD, then why are they wearing their police uniforms and using government equipment such as the segways, which I know for a fact were bought by the city, not by VD. Moreover, to the person who accused those who complain about VD of just wanting a piece of the pie, not all citizens complain because they want "a piece of the pie." How about letting VD come and set up right across from your house and keep you up all night when you have to commute an hour to work in the mornings? How would you like it if you or a family member needed emergency medical care and an ambulance could not even get down YOUR street because of all the VD trucks. How would you like to be stopped like some trespasser when trying to get to your OWN driveway? How would you like having a bunch of new foot traffic on your street as VD fans who obviously have no lives and nothing better to do than watch for a van of B-actors drive around? Also, you say our city has made $25 million from VD, so tell me who received that money and what the city has done to re-invest it in our city???? How is looking out for the residents of this city "holding us back?" I wish VD would go off the air so it would NEVER film in Covington again. I wish people like you would actually consider how filming would impact YOUR life if it was on YOUR street keeping YOU up all night.