AndyM 2 years, 2 months ago on Town hall meeting Tuesday night on ZIP change

The people of Covington fail to realize that the jobs that are being posted are not being solely filled by just those people of Covington. The jobs are being advertised for people all over the U.S. and to those within the company. So, how many people of Covington will truly get employment by this company that is trying to change things? As citizens, we have had to conform to Covington, GA., and they need to conform too. Why should we have to roll out the welcome mat to someone trying to change our lives in our own homes? That's like someone taking over my household, when I pay the bills. The money that is being donated to the county by this company, is it worth the hassle? Will the company stay for a few years, and then leave to relocate for better benefits in another city, changing another community's address? I noticed that the company was already using the Covington, GA. Address before this issue came up? That’s odd! A lot of questions are posted on this blog, which are not answered. So, for me, I SAY NO TO THE ADDRESS CHANGE!