AmazedByStupidity 3 years ago on Sigman gets probation in campaign sign theft case

Not that this is the proper story to address this point, but when one gets a passport, new or renewed, the fees payable to the clerk of court have to be paid in cash. But then, they do give you a hand written receipt. Who is to say where that money goes, or how it is accounted for, when it is not run through the regular clerk of court books? Look at this...there is your answer.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 1 month ago on Road rage: Citizens angry over failing roads

Good luck on getting anything out of a developer. Most developers of 10 years ago went bankrupt in the last 5 years.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 1 month ago on Meadors awaits guidance from attorneys

At this point I don't think it will matter if you come forward. CarpenterShawty and her illiterate pal already have their 2 brain cells made up on who you are.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 1 month ago on Letter: Free speech must be defended

I just read the amended complaint.

SOMEBODY needs to lay off the chronic, because SOMEBODY is seriously paranoid, and bereft of common sense.

To implicate that Jeff Meadors, and ONLY Jeff Meadors has the ability to formulate opinions and use anonymous postings, or has the time on his hands to either create several user names, or recruit other individuals to post content that is creatively false....well, puff, puff, pass....

Either that, or the worm got into the kool-aid.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 1 month ago on Jeff Meadors: Search for quality education leaves public schools out of the equation

It is the type of success that Mr. Meadors refers to that makes Newton County parents do whatever it takes to send their child to Eastside. I know that most NCSS teachers send their children to Eastside because they have a choice. I know of people who move just before the child's freshman year to be in district. I know of parents who lie about where they live and parents who sign guardianship of their children over to other relatives, just so the child will be considered in district. I know for a fact that there are at least 2 EHS cheerleaders that do not live in district--not even including the girls who have NCSS employees for parents.

What is it that Eastside has that makes it academically successful that Newton and Alcovy do not have? Investigate that, and implement it.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 2 months ago on Adams to give UGA school of music convocation address

What an awesome story! I've never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Adams, but he is definitely an inspiration for the youth of Newton County. He surely proves that no matter what obstacle, if you persevere, you CAN succeed.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 2 months ago on Alcovy principal sues over website comments

It's so cute how you think your school experience is so great. If you weren't at AHS you would know the difference between a school where parents are afraid to send their teens, and a great school, where parents do whatever is necessary to send their teen.


AmazedByStupidity 3 years, 2 months ago on Citizen attorney files motion to fight subpoena

Herein lies the root of the problem. Most reputable companies frown upon dating within the workplace. Government agencies generally have this same policy also. ESPECIALLY WHERE A SUBORDINATE DATES/MARRIES A SUPERVISOR. The usual remedy is to transfer one of the pair to another position. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and now look at the mess that has been created.