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JENKINS: Olympic Games are sports for non-sports fans

For the true sports fan, the subjective nature of many Olympic sports just doesn't cut it.

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Rob Jenkins: Will the real Redneck Riviera please stand up?

I find Panama City Beach, as a vacation destination, to be superior to Myrtle Beach in almost every way

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Rob Jenkins: Recognizing out-of-wedlock births as a risk factor for poverty

In the United States today, poverty is largely preventable. It's simply a matter of knowing what behaviors lead to poverty and avoiding those behaviors.

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Rob Jenkins: Elvis was right, and I'm not feeling so bad myself

I have established an account on that legendary social network known as Twitter, and I have begun to share with the world my innermost feelings, fondest dreams, darkest fears, and other random inanities, all in 140 characters or less.

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Rob Jenkins: Forget the tie, here's what Dad really wants

This year I decided to write my Father's Day column a week early, as a service to all the fathers out there, including myself.

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JENKINS: For high school grads, it's not too late to go to college

The Gwinnett area offers many options for access institutions.

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Rob Jenkins: Summer blockbusters can become rainy fall Saturday fare

My family loves to go to movies. Unfortunately, we also love to pay our mortgage, and the two things aren't necessarily compatible.

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JENKINS: There's nothing quite like the pure love of a child

Ever since my daughter went off to college seven years ago, I've felt an incredible sense of loss.

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Rob Jenkins: Family pressures can lead to naming disasters

The best policy is for the happy couple to please themselves, whether in the naming of their children or anything else.

Rob Jenkins: I'm not really a curmudgeon; just annoyed

Don't call me "bad-tempered" unless you want a punch in the nose.

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JENKINS: To increase college completion, online classes may not be best solution

When it comes to keeping kids in college, having them on a real campus is better than connecting them by the web.

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JENKINS: If it's worth saying, it's worth saying so nobody can understand

Say what? People talk a lot but don't really say much these days.

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JENKINS: What's so bad about pornography?

My son's question put me in an awkward positon of explaining what is so bad about pornography. Quite a bit, I told him, durng an uncomfortable but necessary discussion.

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JENKINS: This one's for all the single ladies

When it comes to finding the man of your dreams, ladies, it's best to leave a little to the imagination.

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JENKINS: Black conservative meat eaters need not apply

The leftist indoctrination of our youth continues unchecked.

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ROB JENKINS: From Paris with love: More unique ideas for Valentine's Day

Ideas on how to make a French connection.

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ROB JENKINS: Leadership and control are not the same thing

True leadership requires humility, a willingness to listen, to admit that others might know more about a given area or situation, to acknowledge that one might actually be wrong on occasion.

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JENKINS: Sure signs that you're on the downhill slope

Nose hair is one. Constantly searching for a restroom is another.

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JENKINS: Combining math with other subjects isn't necessarily a bad idea

My take on real-life questions.

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JENKINS: For Falcons, 'pretty good' may not be not good enough

Team has made marked improvement but needs to take the next step toward being great.

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ROB JENKINS: Three uncomfortable truths about the Christmas season

To be honest, the Christmas season doesn't always live up to its hype.

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JENKINS: Lessons learned from decades of Christmas shopping

For one, don't make eye contact with kiosk attendants.

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ROB JENKINS: Create your own holiday newsletter with handy template

It's never too late to create a fascinating, informative letter or email portraying immediate family members in ways that are both flattering and largely fictional.

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Rob Jenkins: Getting a head start on the 'nice' list

Here are a few of my better deeds from the past year.

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JENKINS: Of two minds on homeowners' associations

There may actually be some good things about having an HOA.

JENKINS: Of two minds on homeowners' associations

I have mixed emotions about neighborhood homeowners' associations, or HOAs. I don't really want anybody telling me what I can and can't do with my own property. On the other hand, I definitely want someone telling my neighbors what they can and can't do.

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JENKINS: How good are online classes?

They can work well, but are mostly for more mature, motivated students.

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JENKINS: Atlanta's passion for pro sports pales next to Boston's

Think we take our sports seriously in Atlanta? I'm talking about professional sports, not your 8-year-old's rec-league game. I know you take that seriously. So do all the people who watched the YouTube video of you taking it seriously.

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JENKINS: Atlanta's passion for pro sports pales next to Boston's

Sports talk in Boston will burn your ears.

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JENKINS: Cellphone use exemplifies "new etiquette" — or lack thereof

Got manners? Probably not when it comes to talking on your cellphone.

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JENKINS: Dear Yankees: Sorry if I misjudged you

Trip to New York City brings new view of Yankees.

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JENKINS: You might be a helicopter parent if...

Some parents hover a little too closely over their children.

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JENKINS: The hidden cost that comes with a 'free' education

The cost of a "free" education can be a bit high.

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JENKINS: Excessive homework holding our family hostage

Teachers, please consider lightening the homework load.

JENKINS: Snow brings irrational behavior

It's always interesting to observe how extraordinary occurrences affect otherwise rational people. And no, I'm not talking about the Falcons being in the playoffs.

Rob Jenkins - 11/01/09 Random observations on the news of the day

I read recently that the Dalai Lama is donating $50,000 to Emory University. Really? The Dalai Lama has $50,000? Didn't he have to take a vow of poverty or something?

Rob Jenkins - 10/25/09 A modest proposal (or two) regarding health care reform

I have an idea. You know those folks in Washington who ran the "Cash for Clunkers" program? The ones who kept running out of money and changing the rules about which cars were actual clunkers and which were just American made?

Rob Jenkins - 10/18/09 Don't call it the Redneck Riviera. . . aw, go ahead

Take a furlough day (for me), add two days off from school (for the kids) and three weeks' worth of millennial flood-induced depression, and what do you get?

Rob Jenkins - 10/11/09 Cell phone use exemplifies "New Etiquette"--or not

Is common courtesy on the decline, as many seem to think? Personally, I'm not so sure. I never thought it was all that common to begin with.

Rob Jenkins - 09/27/09 In (grudging) praise of Tim Tebow

Let's be clear: Tim Tebow is the best college football player I've ever seen. He's the best player you've ever seen, too, even if you won't admit it.

Rob Jenkins - 09/20/09 High school students in my college classes? Who Knew?

I went into college teaching partly because I didn't want to deal with what I saw as the hassles of high school teaching: the helicopter parents, the immature students, the Jonas Brothers ring-tones.

Rob Jenkins - 09/13/09 Living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle is harder than it sounds

If you're wondering who's been hogging all the Earth's resources, well ... that would be me.

Rob Jenkins - 09/06/09 Titles for our time

In honor of this weekend's Decatur Book Festival (which is still going on) I'd like to recommend some of my favorite reads. Other than this fine newspaper, I mean.

Rob Jenkins - 08/30/09 Decatur Book Festival has something for everyone

For all its success over the past three years, the Decatur Book Festival has been guilty of ignoring one large but historically underserved demographic: book lovers who are also professional wrestling fans.

Rob Jenkins - 08/23/09 Pens, pencils, and a little Marxist theory

The first lesson of the new school year is delivered even before classes convene, when Mom and Dad download the kids' supply lists. Call it Socialism 101. If the course had a textbook, it would be Hillary Clinton's "It Takes a Village."

Rob Jenkins - 08/16/09 The time to repent and go green is now

"Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, and be not green, I am nothing" (Book of Gore, 32:15).

Rob Jenkins - 08/09/09 Double standard leads to bruised ribs

When it comes to objectification of the opposite sex, society definitely has a double standard.

Rob Jenkins - 08/02/09 Speaking young adult is a must for grown-up Facebookers

If you like to spend your leisure hours prowling Facebook, as a startling number of grownups apparently do these days - and not just perverts, either - you're going to have to learn how to speak young adult.

Rob Jenkins - 07/12/09 Script of new Harry Potter movie found in trash

(Author's note: The following was found in the dustbin outside a certain British author's home, then smuggled into the U.S. by a pair of Wiccans disguised as University of Florida football fans.)