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ROB JENKINS: Why Americans still haven't embraced soccer

In the run-up to the World Cup, and during the first two weeks of the tournament itself, all we heard was how crazy Americans were about soccer — finally.

ROB JENKINS: Three good reasons to make time for daddy-daughter dates

As the father of a young daughter, you have an awesome responsibility: Your little girl will form her initial judgments about men from watching you.

ROB JENKINS: Appreciating the greatness that is LeBron James

Watching LeBron James play in the recent NBA playoffs reminded me of myself.

ROB JENKINS: Kids don’t need to train; they need to play

If you can spare a moment from your 9-year-old’s 60-game summer travel ball schedule, please consider the following:

ROB JENKINS: Top 10 reasons I’ve loved being a dad

I’ve been a father for just over half my life—definitely the better half. Before kids, I was pretty self-absorbed. After my first child was born, the word “absorb” took on a whole new meaning.

ROB JENKINS: The four cornerstones of a happy marriage: forgiveness

Whoever said “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” was obviously never married. Because being married means having to say you’re sorry all the time, even when you’re not. OK, especially when you’re not.

ROB JENKINS: The four cornerstones of a happy marriage: Service

Several readers have asked me, after making it through the first three installments of this series, “Where does love come in? Isn’t it foundational to a good marriage?”

ROB JENKINS: The four cornerstones of a happy marriage: commitment

My dad always said there are two kinds of married people: those who are committed, and those who probably ought to be.

ROB JENKINS: The four cornerstones of happy marriage: Compatibility

Most of us are familiar with the old saying, “opposites attract,” as well as its corollary: “But likes stay together.”

ROB JENKINS: Is Bundy Ranch debacle an allegory for modern-day America?

Almost overnight, Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy has gone from libertarian folk hero, defying government overreach, to toxic political liability, after making racially insensitive remarks.

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