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ROB JENKINS: Why in the world do we still tolerate the TSA?

Imagine a retail store whose sole reason for existence, it seems, is not to make shopping a pleasure or create satisfied customers but to prevent those customers from shoplifting.

ROB JENKINS: Agency bans violent, ‘micro-aggressive’ sports movies

The U.S. Department of Entertainment, formerly known as the Federal Communications Commission, today announced a ban on inspirational sports-themed films.

ROB JENKINS: Four men's 'fashions' that don't look good on any man

I lay no claim to the title of fashion maven—even though one of my kids did recently tell me I have “style.” The fact that this pronouncement was followed by a request for money should in no way cast doubt on its sincerity.

ROB JENKINS: This Father's Day, consider the devastating consequences of fatherlessness

Father’s Day, for me, always brings a range of emotions, foremost of which is gratitude. I’m grateful for all the fathers who have had such a tremendous influence for good on my life: My father and grandfathers, my uncles, my wife’s father, my son-in-law, my brother and brothers-in-law.

ROB JENKINS: Where poverty comes from (and how to defeat it)

Perhaps without meaning to, President Obama recently seemed to rebuke…wait for it…Jesus Christ.

ROB JENKINS: Which type of parent are you?

We all know some parents are too strict and others too lenient. But according to research conducted by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, it’s not quite that simple. Parenting styles can actually be placed on a continuum, with four main types.

ROB JENKINS: ‘Government’ schools? Maybe — but in America, we’re the government

My wife and I have raised four honor students, four varsity athletes, two Eagle Scouts (soon to be three), two gainfully-employed college graduates (so far), and three academic scholarship recipients (soon to be four).

ROB JENKINS: Adding my daughter to my list of favorite moms

Over the years, I’ve used this space on Mother’s Day to sing the praises of mothers in general and a few mothers in particular, like my wife and step-mother.

ROB JENKINS: Students have no right not to be offended

A recent survey of over 700 large companies nationwide, conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, found that employers these days aren’t entirely satisfied with the quality of college graduates.

ROB JENKINS: Progress toward what?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I avoid referring to leftists as “liberals,” a term that suggests open-mindedness and generosity. Not to be unkind, but those are not qualities I normally associate with the left, unless you count being generous with other people’s money.

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