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ROB JENKINS: Fun tax facts to celebrate the end of income tax season

“April is the cruelest month,” wrote the poet T.S. Eliot, and indeed it is—but not, perhaps, for the reasons he envisioned.

ROB JENKINS: Left's philosophy: Academic freedom for me but not for thee

Another political correctness tempest in a teapot, brought to us once again by the hysterical mainstream media, sprang up this week in Dublin, Georgia, where a middle school teacher reportedly told her students that President Obama and his supporters are not Christians.

ROB JENKINS: Being involved in your kids’ school isn’t really optional anymore

Before your children started school, you couldn’t possibly have anticipated how much time you’d spend helping them with their studies and other school-related projects.

ROB JENKINS: Finding balance doesn’t require a circus act

According to the popular media, we should all be seeking more “balance” in our lives. But what exactly does that mean?

ROB JENKINS: New college football playoff is an awesome first step

When the new college football playoff system was announced, I thought the move from the two-team BCS championship to a four-team “tournament” was kind of lame—a step that, even if in the right direction, was disappointingly small.

ROB JENKINS: Stupid things I have said, 2014 edition

Welcome to another edition of “Stupid things I have said.” Once again, I find myself severely limited in terms of space, but if you want to read every one of the stupid things I said over the past year, you can find all my columns online in the Citizen archives.

ROB JENKINS: What your wife really wants, Part 2

Last week, in the first installment of this two-part series aimed at married guys, I talked about three things any good wife wants. Here are three more:

ROB JENKINS: What your wife really wants: Part 1

A couple of months ago, I wrote a pair of columns aimed at married women about “what your husband really wants.” This time around, in the interests of fairness, balance, and gender equity, I’d like to address the husbands.

ROB JENKINS: Why isn’t UGA football better than it is?

Seen on Twitter this week: “When I die, I want the Georgia Bulldogs to carry my casket so they can let me down one more time.”

ROB JENKINS: Is anybody surprised by another athletic scandal?

When I hear the talking heads profess shock and dismay over the latest athletic scandal at the University of North Carolina, I have to wonder if their angst is manufactured.

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