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ROB JENKINS: Teacher evaluations and the law of unintended consequences

Apparently Democrats don’t have a monopoly on (presumably) well-intentioned measures that actually do long-lasting harm (see: War on Poverty, Obamacare).

ROB JENKINS: Trying to put grandparenthood into words

As a writer, I used to scoff at people who say, “There are no words.” Of course there are words. There are always words.

ROB JENKINS: Going to college still worth it, if you play it smart

The age-old notion that college is the doorway to a high-paying career has been taking it on the chin lately, as more and more young people ask, “Is it worth it?”

ROB JENKINS: Time for a grass-roots movement on term limits

With mid-term elections still more than eight months off, this column might be premature. Then again, I’m already hearing political ads on the radio, so maybe my timing isn’t so bad—especially since I hope to start a grass-roots movement.

ROB JENKINS: Semi-coherent ramblings of the perpetually snowed-bound

If this column seems a bit iffy, feel free to blame it on my lack of exercise.

ROB JENKINS: All 'income inequality' not created equal

Among the startling revelations that President Obama shared in last week’s State of the Union address was this gem: Some people make more money than others.

ROB JENKINS: Don't look for Falcons to win a Super Bowl anytime soon

As someone who rooted for the Atlanta Falcons through many, many years of mediocrity—entire decades when the hapless franchise couldn’t put together back-to-back winning seasons—I’ve been gratified to see the Birds achieve some degree of relevance over the past six seasons.

ROB JENKINS: Stupid things I have said, 2013 edition

Another year has passed, and ever the curmudgeon, I choose not to look cheerfully forward but to look back cringingly at some of the things I’ve written over the past 12 months that were, shall we say, less than smart.

ROB JENKINS: A brief glossary of modern teenage slang

Each era produces its own slang. Some terms demonstrate staying power and become part of the lexicon, while others are relegated to the dustbin of linguistic history.

ROB JENKINS: Recruiting in high school sports hurts students

Don’t tell me recruiting doesn’t happen in high school sports. I know for a fact it’s been part of the landscape for at least 20 years.

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