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Cat's ear closes bloom as summer day heats up

ORRIN MORRIS: Cat’s ear closes bloom as summer day heats up

Orrin Morris column

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ORRIN MORRIS: Horseweed traveled by ship from the colonies to Europe

The spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday needs to endure all year long. America’s history with the American Indians is far from virtuous, though it began in mutuality. Colonists would not have survived without the natives’ help.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Black-eyed Susan can multiply 20-fold in a year

Orrin Morris column on black-eyed Susan.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Field thistle's height can exceed six feet

One should approach all thistles with caution. This field thistle does not have spines on the stem like the bull thistle or the nodding thistle but the leaves are armed to make life miserable for intruders.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Rockdale is home to largest sourwood in the state

The most cherished words ever uttered are, “I love you.” They express the ultimate devotion of two people. The Psalmist had that phrase in mind when he expressed praise to God in Psalm 119: 103, “How sweet are Thy words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

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ORRIN MORRIS: Canada thistle is showy, but watch out for those thorns

The Canada thistle is the epitome of the good and the bad, the showy and the offensive. This is the most common and widespread thistle in the U.S. However, it is not that common in the Southeast.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Flowering spurge tolerates dry weather

The 104th Psalm was used by the Hebrew people to praise God for the abundance of the fruit of the earth. “He causes the grass to grow for the cattle, and vegetation for the labor of man, so that he may bring forth food from the earth.” (v. 14)

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ORRIN MORRIS: Knots uncoild to become flowers on the forget-me-not

In July 2007, our nation paid tribute to a lady who taught us a new respect for the environment — Lady Bird Johnson. Among the issues that she made us aware of were the visual clutter of uncontrolled billboards and the tons of litter thrown from passing vehicles along our nation’s highways.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Jimson weed highly poisonous to humans, animals

Gossip is dangerous; however, when a person who carefully communicates what he or she actually knows, it can be helpful when discretely shared. Such care for accuracy reminds me of Proverbs 16:20, “He that handleth a matter wisely shall find good; and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he.”

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ORRIN MORRIS: Find buttonweed in your backyard

The diversity of the wildflower kingdom is minor compared to the diversity of humanity. Every individual is unique although he or she dwells within a family, a community and a culture.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Bladder campion a beautiful flower with the exception of one unusual part

Peter often posed questions to Jesus. One of those times he asked if forgiving a person seven times was the limit. Jesus said that was not enough and proposed 70 times seven (Matthew 18:22).

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ORRIN MORRIS: Depford pinks an import from England

Depford pinks an import from England

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ORRIN MORRIS: Coreopsis, yellow daisy often mistaken for each other

One of the most important lessons I try to get across to my art students is to truly see what I am having them to draw. There seems to be a giant step for some students between “looking” and truly seeing an object.