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Cat's ear closes bloom as summer day heats up

ORRIN MORRIS: Cat’s ear closes bloom as summer day heats up

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ORRIN MORRIS: Horseweed traveled by ship from the colonies to Europe

The spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday needs to endure all year long. America’s history with the American Indians is far from virtuous, though it began in mutuality. Colonists would not have survived without the natives’ help.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Black-eyed Susan can multiply 20-fold in a year

Orrin Morris column on black-eyed Susan.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Field thistle's height can exceed six feet

One should approach all thistles with caution. This field thistle does not have spines on the stem like the bull thistle or the nodding thistle but the leaves are armed to make life miserable for intruders.

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ORRIN MORRIS: Rockdale is home to largest sourwood in the state

The most cherished words ever uttered are, “I love you.” They express the ultimate devotion of two people. The Psalmist had that phrase in mind when he expressed praise to God in Psalm 119: 103, “How sweet are Thy words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

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ORRIN MORRIS: Canada thistle is showy, but watch out for those thorns

The Canada thistle is the epitome of the good and the bad, the showy and the offensive. This is the most common and widespread thistle in the U.S. However, it is not that common in the Southeast.