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MARK SHIELDS: When political loyalty mattered

After having worked in or reported on the last 12 U.S. presidential elections, I am convinced that successful politicians who regularly run for and win public office possess an extra olfactory nerve that enables them to sniff changing political winds, often long before the rest of us have even noticed the leaves stirring.

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Mark Shields: It's OK to smile -- even in Washington

Washington and American political life are suffering from an acute humor deficit.

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Mark Shields: William Faulkner and the Republican future

If history is a semi-reliable guide, then 2014 ought to be a pretty good year for Republicans.

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SHIELDS: Obama vs. the Caymen Islands

Barack Obama has never minced words about the Cayman Islands.

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Mark Shields: Washington snobbery distracts from the real issues

Edward Snowden has been relentlessly attacked by Washington pundits and politicians for one, unforgivable offense: He did not graduate from high school.

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Mark Shields: Beware the leader without friends who can tell him unpleasant truths

Mo Udall was never able to convince himself -- unlike basically every other presidential candidate can -- that the very survival of the Western World depended upon his winning the White House.

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Mark Shields: Obama's second term pitfalls

The president who benefits from personally giving the green light to Navy SEAL Team 6 will also be held accountable for the wrongful acts of his appointees.

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Mark Shields: Advice on graduation day

The graduation speaker's duty is to provide some rules or advice for the graduates.

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Mark Shields: A story too good to check out

Some stories are just too good to check out.

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Mark Shields: The language of American politics and Internet tax evasion

To listen to the language of American political campaigns, you could reasonably conclude that "big" is bad and "small" is good.

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