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JULIE WELLS: Blessings can come in all forms, even a rainbow

God’s promise to love us can be shown to us in many different ways, even in a rainbow.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Bite-sized banana and Vanilla Wafer treats

BaNilla cookies are breeze to whip up and are kid friendly too.

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JULIE WELLS: Showing compassion towards people is being like Jesus

We should show compassion towards people, no matter if we know their situation or not.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Mango salsa a flavor festival in your mouth

This recipe for mango salsa is full of tropical flavor.

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JULIE WELLS: God sees our inner beauty

Jesus’ opinion of you should be the one that matters the most to you in your life.

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THE RECIPE BOX: Gluten-free pizza a cheesy choice that doesn’t sacrifice taste

This almond-based gluten-free pizza can be made to order.

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JULIE WELLS: Camp meeting reminds us to worship together in one accord

Salem Camp Meeting was a great reminder of what it is like to worship together, no matter the denomination.

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Maxwell Jackson Strange was born on June 29 at Rockdale Medical Center.

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