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JOHN DOUGLAS: The view from Iowa

Getting involved in the political process is well worth the effort.

Too much political correctness in military

There can be no doubt that all of us are very proud of the young men and women who wear the uniforms of our country. As I write this on the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we are reminded of the huge sacrifices these Americans have made on our behalf for 235 years. Our freedom and liberty are a direct result of their labor of love for this country.

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JOHN DOUGLAS: Too much political correctness in military

Some high level military and civilian leaders are making a deliberate and concerted effort to remove all traces of Christianity from the American military.

John Douglas - 07/24/09

Water ruling defies logic, common sense

John Douglas - 04/08/09 2009 Legislative Session comes to close

On April 3, the Georgia General Assembly adjourned after completing the 40 required days of the 2009 session. This year, the Senate took important steps to stimulate the economy, provide quality education and improve our transportation infrastructure. By passing several key pieces of legislation and approving essential funding in the FY10 state budget, the Senate has worked to benefit all Georgians. Here are some of the major initiatives we approved during the 2009 session:

John Douglas - 04/01/09 The 2009 legislative session nears the end.

The 2009 Legislative Session will end April 3 as we complete the 40th day of meetings. Last week was a busy week as we focused on the economy and other areas as well.

John Douglas - 03/18/09 Crossover day passes

The Georgia Legislature reached a significant landmark in the 2009 session on March 12th, which was the 30th legislative day. That means that it was the turning point for all Senate legislation to be passed and transferred to the House in order to continue through the legislative process. Likewise, members of the House of Representatives worked diligently to send their legislation to the Senate for a chance at final passage. Several important pieces of legislation were voted on this week, but perhaps most significant was the fiscal year 2009 supplemental budget.

John Douglas - 03/11/09 An eventful week in your Senate

As Crossover Day approaches on March 12, the last day bills can pass between the House and Senate, both chambers have worked quickly to pass important pieces of legislation. Last week the Senate focused on fiscal responsibility, transforming transportation funding and protecting the safety of Georgians.

John Douglas - 02/18/09 Nearing the half way point of the legislative session

We have a lot of work ahead of us in a short amount of time, but I am confident that we will finish the drill having passed sound public policies for the benefit of all Georgians. Last week we were very pleased to have distinguished visitors as we passed bills to provide homeowner tax relief and acted in the best interest of homeland security.

John Douglas - More bad budget news hits Georgia

The 2009 legislative session completed day 15 on Feb. 6 with bills passing through the chamber last week which will provide for tax relief and child safety. I support these pieces of legislation and look forward to their implementation. Unfortunately, even with the good work in those areas, very bad budget news has dominated the week at your Capitol.

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