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JEFF MEADORS: Avoiding student loans is all in the numbers

Class of 2015, check your numbers and avoid student loans that dog many Americans into their Medicare years.

JEFF MEADORS: Common Core and a lesson in civics

An increasing number of U.S. states wants to boost civics education in America’s public schools.

JEFF MEADORS: Dual enrollment programs going strong

Dual Enrollment programs take center stage at the Newton College & Career Academy Thursday night, Nov. 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the academy’s lecture hall as both Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia Piedmont Technical College offer guidance on respective dual enrollment programs.

JEFF MEADORS: Great things happening in schools from Rockdale to Putnam

It’s a busy month of exciting events in local school systems from Rockdale east to Morgan. Put the DOE data, much of which has not been updated since fiscal year 2011, on the shelf. Here’s the real story.

JEFF MEADORS: No distance too far for relevant education

I was an accidental tourist recently in one of the best kept secrets in public education, the new biotechnology labs at Jasper County High School.

JEFF MEADORS: Georgia schools fail the test on 'truth in advertising'

In response to feedback from a member of management at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to recent column I will cover a small piece of the 2014 Leaders & Laggards report issued by the U.S. Chamber on K-12 education.

JEFF MEADORS: More school choice makes learning relevant

Hard-working students in Georgia may leave high school with HOPE dollars and find a way to affordable two-year college programs of study with a high degree of transferability to four-year completion. The possibilities in 2014 are more than endless; they are wide open.

JEFF MEADORS: Early testing criticial for high school students

Late testing may boost the annual scorecard of an individual school, but it leaves many students in the lurch – the result of bad education practice and doing what’s best for schools, not students.

JEFF MEADORS: Quality advising helps students navigate a complex system

It’s tedious but worth it – quality academic advisement. It takes a lot of time and even more listening.

JEFF MEADORS: Quality advising gets students on the right track

What’s so great about dual enrollment students? A lot.

JEFF MEADORS: RCA continues to grow through partnerships

As students head back to school, Rockdale Career Academy ratchets up workforce development with a new partnership aimed at graduating firefighters eligible for local employment.

JEFF MEADORS: Who really gains from standardized testing?

School system leaders, many reminiscent of drones for the state, foreshadow impending doom and dramatic testing changes going forward.

JEFF MEADORS: Graduation rates show some promise

The Christian Science Monitor released good news on America’s schools last week, but do early literacy and numeracy truths belie expert predictions?

JEFF MEADORS: Fuzzy math creates distorted picture of school progress

Paying close attention to official facts, accuracy of data and truth in reporting are important. Releasing fabricated school scorecard data paints a picture of school performance and improvement that isn’t always easy to erase.

JEFF MEADORS: Scorecard shows schools have much work to do

Report cards are out and PR machines are in full spin mode.

JEFF MEADORS: New school scorecards coming in May

Georgia taxpayers should gain new insight into the schools they fund as 2013-14 annual scorecards appear in May.

JEFF MEADORS: Charter schools could be key component in economic development

Good education numbers translate into promising intellectual capital, increased capacity for high dollar industry, and expanded opportunity for all.

JEFF MEADORS: With charter school performance, the numbers don't lie

Although largely ignored by media, the annual report of the Georgia Charter Schools and Charter Systems was presented Jan. 15 to the charter committee of the state Board of Education.

JEFF MEADORS: Buzz about benefits of dual enrollment continues to grow

JEFF MEADORS: Buzz about benefits of dual enrollment continues to grow

It’s almost April 1, and that means one thing for Georgia students in grades 8 – 11: Full disclosure.

JEFF MEADORS: Area school systems prepping students for STEM careers

Local school systems are committed to workforce development, but can they improve current educational practice by coming together, crossing county lines, exploring transfer of FTE, seeking approval of creative collaboration on allotments, pooling resources (including human ones), and crafting intergovernmental agreements to build an eastern region of massive intellectual capital in the STEM areas, ensuring not only student success but jobs for the future?

JEFF MEADORS: Time to stop linking teacher performance to test scores

The Georgia Department of Education has stopped using the terminology “Common Core” in-house. I have that on good authority.

JEFF MEADORS: Too much turmoil in curriculum changes and student assessments

Samantha Fuhrey, NCSS superintendent of schools, believes the Newton County School System is experiencing gains.

JEFF MEADORS: Should Common Core trump MVPs of public education?

Common Core’s mission includes the provision of “a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.”

JEFF MEADORS: Move On When Ready provides best of both worlds

For public school students in grades 11 and 12 choice has come and it has a name, House Bill 149.

JEFF MEADORS: Lack of student engagement hurts performance

While NCES data indicate overall satisfaction with the job of teaching classroom teachers report the following problems as serious ones: routine duties and paperwork interference with teaching, low salary, low administrative support, and inconsistent enforcement of school rules.

JEFF MEADORS: America needs a course correction

I’ve chronicled American exceptionalism in past columns. We’ve watched brave soldiers defend our soil and protect our good name, our freedom, our ways of life and living — all that we hold dear. We’ve come a long way in this land forged by bombs bursting in air through perilous fights. Emerging markets, developing and industrialized countries have always been able to depend on and trust the U.S.

JEFF MEADORS: Academic advising keeps the wheels in motion

With Georgia colleges facing legislative impetus to tie funding to college completion, advisement should take center stage.

JEFF MEADORS: Is school safety optional?

Oak Hill Elementary has fully complied with state safety codes for more than one decade while Clements Middle has failed to report compliance for five years.

JEFF MEADORS: The numbers don't lie

Numbers matter. Boards hold CEOs accountable in the real world when shareholders grumble over numbers.

JEFF MEADORS: Early prep is formula for college success

A healthy pipeline to college improves high school graduation rates, boosts percentages of HOPE eligible students, strengthens SAT and ACT test performance, and fortifies GCCRPI scorecards of county school systems.

JEFF MEADORS: Burge diary chronicles Decembers of another era

On this day in Newton’s history in 1852 Dolly Burge passed the day frying doughnuts, building a fire, and looking for “a beau for Miss Barber.” The beau never came, but Dolly went right on writing prolifically through Christmas chronicling killing hogs, drying up lard, and stormy weather.

JEFF MEADORS: RCA steering students toward right career pathways

Do some school programs prepare students better for the workforce than others?

JEFF MEADORS: Schools must make career paths relevant to students

Employment outlooks show engineering and science majors to be the safest college majors for future employment.

JEFF MEADORS: Dual enrollment vs. AP classes

Georgia students gained a boost when Gov. Deal signed House Bill 131 this year — a mandate to school systems to weight Advanced Placement and dual enrollment classes equally.

JEFF MEADORS: Legendary figures populate Newton's past

If filmmakers, moviegoers, and students knew Newton’s rich history their focus may turn to profiles in courage, figures of fortitude and an occasional character of ignominy.

Meadors: Searching for answers to Newton's test score anemia

In its 2013 national press release of SAT scores the College Board found “only 43 percent of SAT takers in the class of 2013 graduated from high school academically prepared for the rigors of college-level course work.”

MEADORS: Does GPA have meaning anymore?

Employers are losing faith in the American grade point average.

Jeff Meadors: Dual enrollment gives a clearer path through college

Complete College America says 62 percent of jobs in 2018 will require a two-year certificate or college degree. More than half will require a bachelor’s degree.

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Jeff Meadors: Fiscal conservatism can be a lonely endeavor

It matters little who dislikes me along my solitary walk with defeat in opposition to waste and abuse. No one will love any of us when the money’s gone.

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Jeff Meadors: Interest groups circling Georgia's struggling schools

What strategies do public schools espouse to oppose mounting opposition?

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MEADORS: Social promotion won't lead to success

Living in a world of make believe where everyone gets gold stars is crippling the future of America’s youth.

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Jeff Meadors: Will we have a Kelley Blue Book of school choice?

While not federally developed, Common Core looks and feels like federal intrusion.

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Jeff Meadors: PR for the school system can be tough work

Public relations turned tough mudder in the Newton County School System during fiscal year 2013.

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Jeff Meadors: Dual enrollment an asset that shouldn't be ignored

Fall semester at Georgia colleges is six weeks away; it's a good time to examine guidelines and debunk myths for early access to college.

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Jeff Meadors: 411 guides students on road to the future

When Georgia students seek help 411 is ready.

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Meadors: Federal dollars come with too many testing strings attached

Federal dollars come with strings attached, but in this case it's a wrecking ball.

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Jeff Meadors: Math mastery eludes many Georgia students

Does area math performance build a case for college math?

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Jeff Meadors: Strategic plan will be key to Fuhrey's success

Where will Samantha Fuhrey, affectionately called Sam, lead Newton County schools?

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Jeff Meadors: Performance flags give needed direction for educational improvement

Georgia's College & Career Ready Performance Index highlights performance flags.

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Jeff Meadors: Is Common Core all it's cracked up to be?

While many consider Common Core State Standards a national movement, opposition mounts.