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JEFF MEADORS: Georgia schools fail the test on 'truth in advertising'

In response to feedback from a member of management at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to recent column I will cover a small piece of the 2014 Leaders & Laggards report issued by the U.S. Chamber on K-12 education.

JEFF MEADORS: More school choice makes learning relevant

Hard-working students in Georgia may leave high school with HOPE dollars and find a way to affordable two-year college programs of study with a high degree of transferability to four-year completion. The possibilities in 2014 are more than endless; they are wide open.

JEFF MEADORS: Early testing criticial for high school students

Late testing may boost the annual scorecard of an individual school, but it leaves many students in the lurch – the result of bad education practice and doing what’s best for schools, not students.

JEFF MEADORS: Quality advising helps students navigate a complex system

It’s tedious but worth it – quality academic advisement. It takes a lot of time and even more listening.

JEFF MEADORS: Quality advising gets students on the right track

What’s so great about dual enrollment students? A lot.

JEFF MEADORS: RCA continues to grow through partnerships

As students head back to school, Rockdale Career Academy ratchets up workforce development with a new partnership aimed at graduating firefighters eligible for local employment.

JEFF MEADORS: Who really gains from standardized testing?

School system leaders, many reminiscent of drones for the state, foreshadow impending doom and dramatic testing changes going forward.

JEFF MEADORS: Graduation rates show some promise

The Christian Science Monitor released good news on America’s schools last week, but do early literacy and numeracy truths belie expert predictions?

JEFF MEADORS: Fuzzy math creates distorted picture of school progress

Paying close attention to official facts, accuracy of data and truth in reporting are important. Releasing fabricated school scorecard data paints a picture of school performance and improvement that isn’t always easy to erase.

JEFF MEADORS: Scorecard shows schools have much work to do

Report cards are out and PR machines are in full spin mode.

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