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JEFF MEADORS: New school scorecards coming in May

Georgia taxpayers should gain new insight into the schools they fund as 2013-14 annual scorecards appear in May.

JEFF MEADORS: Charter schools could be key component in economic development

Good education numbers translate into promising intellectual capital, increased capacity for high dollar industry, and expanded opportunity for all.

JEFF MEADORS: With charter school performance, the numbers don't lie

Although largely ignored by media, the annual report of the Georgia Charter Schools and Charter Systems was presented Jan. 15 to the charter committee of the state Board of Education.

JEFF MEADORS: Buzz about benefits of dual enrollment continues to grow

JEFF MEADORS: Buzz about benefits of dual enrollment continues to grow

It’s almost April 1, and that means one thing for Georgia students in grades 8 – 11: Full disclosure.

JEFF MEADORS: Area school systems prepping students for STEM careers

Local school systems are committed to workforce development, but can they improve current educational practice by coming together, crossing county lines, exploring transfer of FTE, seeking approval of creative collaboration on allotments, pooling resources (including human ones), and crafting intergovernmental agreements to build an eastern region of massive intellectual capital in the STEM areas, ensuring not only student success but jobs for the future?

JEFF MEADORS: Time to stop linking teacher performance to test scores

The Georgia Department of Education has stopped using the terminology “Common Core” in-house. I have that on good authority.

JEFF MEADORS: Too much turmoil in curriculum changes and student assessments

Samantha Fuhrey, NCSS superintendent of schools, believes the Newton County School System is experiencing gains.

JEFF MEADORS: Should Common Core trump MVPs of public education?

Common Core’s mission includes the provision of “a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.”

JEFF MEADORS: Move On When Ready provides best of both worlds

For public school students in grades 11 and 12 choice has come and it has a name, House Bill 149.

JEFF MEADORS: Lack of student engagement hurts performance

While NCES data indicate overall satisfaction with the job of teaching classroom teachers report the following problems as serious ones: routine duties and paperwork interference with teaching, low salary, low administrative support, and inconsistent enforcement of school rules.

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