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JAMES BEHRENS: The call of friendship leads one outside the confines of the comfortable

There must be something in the grand design of things that limits our horizons. I do not know why that is. But I know that I have fallen victim to its effects many times in my life.. Briefly put, something about us drives us to limit our range of seeing

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JAMES BEHRENS: God is there, even when we make a wrong turn

I was once asked to bless a brand new car. It belonged to a young girl and it was her first car, a present from her parents.. She pulled into the parking lot, parked in front of the rectory front door. I got my little blessing book and holy water

JAMES BEHRENS: Street photography reveals beauty in unexpected places

I have taken pictures for years, but it is only in the last few years that I have discovered the joys of street photography and street photographers. There are many of the latter. There are books and lectures, websites and seminars, college courses and gallery exhibits all on the techniques and art work of street photography.

BEHRENS: Change may come, but we will always have each other

I recently was back to my hometown for a family visit. In between the social gatherings, I had time to drive around and check out the old town, the places where I grew up and, for better or worse, started learning the first of many lessons about life and getting

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