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Jack Simpson: Burglars are pests that should be controlled

Those who prey on others will eventually get their day of reckoning.

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SIMPSON: The battle is on to keep stink bugs at bay

The battle is on to keep stink bugs at bay.

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SIMPSON: The battle is on to keep stink bugs at bay

Janet Ruth, for a moment I thought they were here. Those pesky stink bugs you told me had infested your northern Virginia home last fall. I did see six or eight of them and felt they were advance scouts crawling on the south side of my house seeking entry.

SIMPSON: Oh, my aching back

It was not by choice that I recently became a member of an exclusive club. Yes, I’m now in the 80 percent of Americans suffering with back pain.

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SIMPSON: Oh, my aching back

I'm now among the 80 percent of Americans with an aching back.

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SIMPSON: The 'Occupy' movement needs definition

Recently there have been what are called “Occupy” movements across the country. As they are publicized in the media, they seem to have become more popular. Some feel these protests are a way to empower minorities.

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SIMPSON: The 'Occupy' movement needs definition

The 'occupy' movement has generated discussion of our problems.

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SIMPSON: Coffee or tea?

Coffee or tea? The debate continues.....

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SIMPSON: Hunting is serious business

No doubt about it. Country boys take hunting seriously.

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SIMPSON: Signing one's name a problem for the computer-savvy

Cursive handwriting is becoming a lost art.

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SIMPSON: Goodbye, Andy Rooney

The retiring Andy Rooney will be missed by those who enjoyed his wit and wisdom.

SIMPSON: A fashion fad that needs to fade

Job-seekers with pants on the ground need not apply.

SIMPSON: Looking back on 9/11; looking ahead to new challenges

Post 9-11 we are finding new ways to meet our challenges.

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SIMPSON: Don't be part of the littering problem

A fellow came home from work the other day to find the front of his property covered with litter. Among the cigarette butts, bottles, plastic containers and discarded fast-food bags was a dead dog wrapped in black plastic.

SIMPSON: Storm' effects linger and defy prevention

When speaking of Hurricane Irene, they say the worst is over. Yes, but the pain lingers on.

SIMPSON: Farewell to nice backyard pool — and good riddance

So, after 30 years as owners of a swimming pool, we found its maintenance overwhelming and decided to close it for once and all. Too much aggravation and too costly.

SIMPSON: Road priorities need some work

The media tells us about commuting routes in need of repairs and repaving. Travelers know of others not on the list that are in need of tender, loving care.

SIMPSON: People get tired of poor service

Bombs, rockets, deadly clashes, small arms fire -- as if these are not bad enough, young soldiers redeployed from combat zones and under military orders recently had to face hidden fees from Delta Air Lines.

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SIMPSON: What happened to the land of opportunity?

Remember when President Obama told the American people stimulus money would help create three to four million jobs? This promise had a nice ring to it, but has not proven true. After spending billions, we still have record levels of unemployment. People are drawing unemployment, are on welfare and the middle class is suffering financial hardship. Youngsters out of school can't find summer work.

JACK SIMPSON: Don't let a celebration turn into a tragic death

Remember that poem about shooting an arrow into the air and having it fall to the ground, you knew not where? Or breathing a song into the air, it fell to Earth I know not where. For who has sight so keen and strong that it can follow the flight of song?

SIMPSON: Work with the police to help deter crime

Judging from media reports, many citizens are concerned about house robberies, burglaries and theft. So what are they doing about prevention and protection of lives and property?

Jack Simpson - 10/30/09 Home

Don't you like small towns? I do, because they make you feel like you are at home. This community is a place where old-timers have roots, some deeper than others of us. Among people who have lived here for a lifetime there is a special closeness and a sharing. And, there are "regulars."

Jack Simpson - 10/23/2009 Change

Unexpected things are happening around here. Some events that I never believed I would see in my lifetime.

Jack Simpson - 10/16/09 Nobel Prize

Awakened early recently, President Obama was, no doubt, as surprised as were many citizens to learn he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He may have asked, "why me?" After all, President Wilson had to establish the United Nations and President Theodore Roosevelt ended the Russian-Japanese War before being accorded this prestigious award. The president knew he had not yet done anything on a scale worthy of a Nobel Prize because, on accepting, he said he was doing so as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people of all nations.

Jack Simpson - 10/09/09 Flood 2009

I'm not telling you something you don't know, but it has been raining like the very devil around here.

Jack Simpson - 10/02/09 Jake

I was down in Newton County just the other day when I met up with C.B. (Country Boy). He is the salt of the earth and a whole lot of fun to talk with.

Jack Simpson - 09/25/09 Presidential Appointees

There is a good amount of bickering going on in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Take your pick of topics - war, the economy, jobs, health care reform or whatever.

Jack Simpson - 09/18/09 Military Rations

In World War II, veterans remember their reliance on K-rations and C-rations. Today the field ration of choice goes by the name MRE, Military Meals Ready-to-Eat.

Jack Simpson - 09/11/09 Debate

If you happen to be in an area where people mingle, you find out they are worried. War, the economy, layoffs, higher living costs and health care are major concerns.

Jack Simpson - 09/04/09 Scottish Justice

Few of us probably ever heard of Kenny MacAskill, the Scottish Justice secretary, before he was motivated by compassion to release convicted terrorist Abdul al-Megrahi. You may remember al-Megrahi as the person responsible for the deaths of 270 innocent people on the Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland.

Jack Simpson - 08/28/09 Lunch

This is the time of the year for homegrowns, yes, as in tomatoes! There is nothing quite like this fruit, some say is a vegetable.

Jack Simpson - 08/21/09 Health Care Debate

Talk of changing health care alerts citizens. Costs and delivery proposals have brought out crowds to town hall meetings.

Jack Simpson - 08/07/09 Ex-Governor

When we first heard of Sara Palin, she kinda grew on us, huh? She was pretty, outdoorsy, family-oriented and pleasant - and she was governor of Alaska.

Jack Simpson - 07/31/09 Survivor

Are you tired of today's preoccupation with fame and celebrity, stories about war, economics, politics, healthcare and the like? Try this simple column on for size.

Jack Simpson - 07/24/09 Crime Prevention

Turn on your television news or pick up your local newspaper. It seems like every day there are more and more reports of increased criminal activity. If you don't want to become a statistic, remain alert. They are out to get you - thieves, I mean!

United We Stand

The pressures in today's world make some of us go slap crazy! We have a governor, supposed to be on a hike, but he is in South America cheating on his wife. So-called investors are stealing money from clients. People are robbing other people, and shootings are all too common. Greed is everywhere, even among our members of Congress.

Jack Simpson - 07/19/09 United We Stand

The pressures in today's world make some of us go slap crazy! We have a governor, supposed to be on a hike, but he is in South America cheating on his wife. So-called investors are stealing money from clients. People are robbing other people, and shootings are all too common. Greed is everywhere, even among our members of Congress.

Jack Simpson - 07/10/09 Depression

During the Great Depression, I was growing up in a small Pennsylvania town. Times were tough after the stock market plunge. Unemployment was rampant and jobless people could be seen in bread lines everywhere. It was very difficult to earn a dollar and keep it long enough for it to burn a hole in your pocket.

Jack Simpson - 07/03/09 Candidates

We may have had a fixation with "American Idol," or could it have been apathy that helped us into our current mess? Anyway, a few Americans know by now that we were not paying enough attention when electing some of our current politicians. We made some poster children and the press helped make at least one candidate a messiah.

Jack Simpson - 06/26/09 Household Pest

Regular readers of this column already know of my sympathy and love for animals. My views have resulted from the manner in which I was reared in the hills of Pennsylvania. Our family lived among animals, grandfather had a mink ranch, and we had animals for pets. I have long been compassionate about God's creatures.

Jack Simpson - 06/19/09 Good Times

So what is new? I'm frustrated. If you care enough to ask why, I could say it is the state of the economy. Or, perhaps I could complain about bank failures, bailouts, unemployment, auto makers going bankrupt, loss of American jobs being shipped overseas, the wars and a decline of the middle class. I'm sad to see gloom in my favorite country and wonder how long it will be before China, India and Brazil replace us as the primary nation.

Jack Simpson - 06/12/09 Pests

We got 'em, you got 'em! All God's children got 'em, and we cannot get rid of 'em! Yes, I'm talking about those pesty ants. Exterminators are trying but, so far, their special repellents have not succeeded in total control of the problem. No doubt about it. Too many ants are a damnable situation.

Jack Simpson - 06/05/09 Come On Down It's A New Car

Those of us old enough to recall the Great Depression remember not everyone had a car, let alone two, in the family garage. If we had one, it was probably a Ford because those were mass produced and not all that expensive. The one we had was equipped with a rumble seat.

Jack Simpson - 05/22/09 Duke

Hanging on my bedroom wall is a memorial plaque of John Wayne. This American legend died in 1979. Sometimes when I look at the plaque, I wish we could call on the Duke to help us out of this mess we are in.

Jack Simpson - 05/15/09 Scams

It has been raining a lot lately keeping many people inside and away from spring yard work. You might be watching a favorite soap opera or preparing something for dinner when the telephone rings.

Jack Simpson - 05/08/09 A New Age

Actress Ashley Judd recently appeared before a House subcommittee urging legislation to address global warming. So who pays attention to celebrities and their causes?

Jack Simpson - 05/01/09 Midnight Observations

My spouse has had some health problems lately that keep her awake at night. As much aggravation as this causes her, she has found a bit of amusement in looking out the kitchen window at 2 a.m.

Jack Simpson - 04/24/09 A Challenge

I don't know how you may feel about this, but I am proud of a lot of our citizens involved in the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips and the crew of the good ship Maersk Alabama.

Jack Simpson - 04/17/09 An Old Friend

One of our local, good old boys has left us and all who knew him will be sorry to learn of his death on Sunday, April 5, 2009.

Jack Simpson - 04/10/09 New Victory Garden

I do not know what triggered the idea. Maybe it was the arrival of robins on the lawn. Perhaps it was the flowering of trees, or maybe the advent of Daylight Saving Time.