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JACK SIMPSON: Time to rein in Obama's executive powers

I suppose you were among the many Americans who watched when President Obama took his oath of office. For crying out loud, don’t oaths mean anything anymore!

JACK SIMPSON: Relinquishing Internet control not a sign of strength

Are Russia and China licking their chops at the prospect of the United States considering transfer of stewardship of the Internet to the international community?

JACK SIMPSON: Texting and driving can cost you more than personal interaction

This old world is a fast-moving place and time is ever marching on. Old friends have passed and new laws and regulations have us in a tizzy.

JACK SIMPSON: When Joe met Molly

This may or may not be a true story, but the facts are all too familiar.

JACK SIMPSON: Falling victim to 'sitting disease'

There’s no question about it. This long, cold, miserable winter gave me a “sitting disease.”

JACK SIMPSON: Will military cuts leave us too weak to respond when called?

I’m glad to be just an observer and not Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. He has to be concerned with the nation’s financial stress and he has to slash budgets to keep us in line.

JACK SIMPSON: Surviving the storm with a mild case of cabin fever

I was trapped inside for the better part of last week as a treacherous snow and ice storm coated roads, froze on trees, power lines and my driveway!

JACK SIMPSON: Loyal public servant laid to rest

I was shooting the breeze with Corporal Charles Cook in the Newton County Sheriff’s office when he told me the story about Sasha, a certified narcotics detector and K-9 police officer with the Warwick Police Department.

JACK SIMPSON: Trite but true — mother still knows best

I count myself among people who once smoked and who had refused to heed my mother’s warnings not to do so. Why is it kids think they know it all and harm cannot come to them from a bad habit?

JACK SIMPSON: Growing older means collecting experiences

Life is full of simple pleasures. The older I get, the more of them I like to experience.

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JACK SIMPSON: Will Christie go down with the sharks?

My grandson has a degree in marine biology and is a certified diver. He has used his skills and his education to film underwater. Some of his footage has appeared on National Geographic and Discovery channels. He has been swimming with sharks and has seen their reaction to blood in the water.

JACK SIMPSON: Who's your presidential pick?

Do you have some time on your hands? Don’t just twiddle your thumbs. Speculate on who might be future presidential candidates.

JACK SIMPSON: What would Christmas be without a few hassles?

Another Christmas has come and gone. It has been stressful, busy and, at times, frustrating and expensive. However, it has been fun, huh? What would we ever do without such a special holiday to celebrate and spend time with family and friends?

JACK SIMPSON: Crime marches on

It struck me as common sense that a professional car thief would plan each caper carefully. Having stolen before, some degree of efficiency would be expected. Even if he was a pickpocket, a shoplifter, scammer, his goal would be to plan, pull off the theft and stay out of jail.

JACK SIMPSON: Legacy album tells rich history of Sheriff's Office

Have you seen a copy of the new yearbook recently put out by the Newton County Sheriffs Office? I think it is a pretty neat 100-page hardback published by Peachtree Portraits.

JACK SIMPSON: Another airline travel aggravation

I know it is risky writing about something you do not know a great deal about. I’m talking about flying and cell phones. Anyway, I am about to give these topics the old college try.

JACK SIMPSON: Bold move — or historic mistake?

It is a cold, wet, dreary day with even some snowflakes reported in the local area. And, as of this writing, it is a few days before we celebrate Thanksgiving. People wonder if we should give thanks for the recent deal with Iran, where they get relief from sanctions and the world gets a promise that Iran will not develop a bomb and open up its nuclear program.

JACK SIMPSON: Fifty years later, a nation still wonders

They say it was one of the most violent scenes ever recorded. I did not witness it personally, but joined hundreds of other Americans who watched on television as First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy crawled onto that trunk of the presidential limo trying to collect pieces of the president’s head.

JACK SIMPSON: Too much of a good thing

Alvin, his mate, children, grandchildren, family and friends have taken up residence down here in south Rockdale in my yard and around the patio. Oh, it was fine for a while until these chipmunks began to outnumber me.

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JACK SIMPSON: To gamble or not; it's an individual choice

Hey, I’m not preaching here about the evils of gambling. Folks have to make up their own minds about wagering. What I am doing is relating my own experiences. If they offer something of value, so be it.

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JACK SIMPSON: What is the state of our union?

When you go out into the community and talk to folks you meet, you get the impression that they think our country is in a “mell-of-a-hess.”

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JACK SIMPSON: Strange laws from the past

We have some unusual rules and laws. Others do as well. Many are archaic and have been on the books for years. They haven’t been updated to make them relevant in modern society. They aren’t even enforced.

Simpson: Congress has something to learn from our veterans

Coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan many veterans are facing new challenges.

Simpson: Couponing can be a serious game

One thing I like about Sundays around our house is reading two newspapers while we eat breakfast.

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Jack Simpson: President must back words with actions

As comic Oliver Hardy used to say, “Well, this is a fine mess we are in.”

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SIMPSON: Did Snowden unveil intrusive surveillance or an attack on our liberties?

Edward Snowden has sparked debate about the balance between liberty and security.

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Jack Simpson: All this rain not necessarily a good thing

It is becoming depressive. All this rain, day after day. Night after night. I’m sure the plants are loving it, but folks are wearing out with all the weather radio warnings given throughout the day and night.

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Jack Simpson: Hard to say 'no' to the grill on holidays

Everywhere on July 4 those back yard grills were fired up and families were grilling steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers and all manner of red meat.

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Jack Simpson: Birthday gift with an unintended consequence

On my birthday several years ago, my family members gave me a gift of blueberry bushes. Loved ones even helped me plant them.

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Jack Simpson: A not-so-welcome neighbor

We recently noticed a new neighbor in the vicinity of our home down here in south Rockdale: wild coyotes.

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Jack Simpson: National security for our own good?

Is Big Brother snooping for our own good?

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Jack Simpson: Beware the telephone scammers

Don't be a victim of telephone scammers.

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Jack Simpson: The violence problem in New Orleans

Crime, corruption, racism, violence and hurricane damage has given New Orleans the reputation as a dangerous tourist attraction.

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Jack Simpson: Bees in danger

It is scary to think of the consequences if we cannot reverse the decline in bee deaths.

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Jack Simpson: Misplaced loyalty

Just when you think nothing else will confirm your belief that we live on a crazy planet, something new turns up.

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Jack Simpson: 'Insourcing' a welcome trend

When I see a label on a product that reads "Made in the USA," I get a good feeling.

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SIMPSON: Tough questions in wake of suspect's capture

Thumbs up to the Boston area law enforcement team and the people for doing what can only be described as "one-hell-of-a-fine job" in solving the Boston Marathon bombing case.

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Jack Simpson: New role for a Sears 'kit' house

Sears catalog houses were popular between 1908 and 1940.

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Jack Simpson: Memories of small-town life linger on

When you think about it, there is a lot to be said for growing up in a small town.

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Jack Simpson: Hoover's No. 3 man has left us

He's gone, and I shall join the ranks of family and friends who will miss him.

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Jack Simpson: Follow your dream -- with your eyes wide open

I think it was in the 1980s. Mike was beginning a new career in law enforcement and asked if an old veteran like me had any words of wisdom I could pass on.

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Jack Simpson: New medal should be put in its proper rank

What an old combat soldier like me objects to is that this new medal ranks above the Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

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Jack Simpson: Have respect for our elders

Elders have lived through infancy, childhood, adolescence and under Obamacare are in their final stage, obsolescence.

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Jack Simpson: Quit smoking before you learn the hard way

Observers are wondering if President Obama is fighting his battle with tobacco and trying to quit.

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Jack Simpson: A lot has happened in 35 years in Rockdale

A lot has changed in 35 years.

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Jack Simpson: Women in combat will take some getting used to

Let me begin by saying I'm glad Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently announced combat jobs will now be open to women.

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Jack Simpson: Even tough times were the 'good ol' days'

In the Great Depression many stood in poverty, but in our own way we rose and endured in the face of calamity.

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Jack Simpson: Glad my snake-hunting days are over

I'm not the slightest interested in trying to make big bucks hunting pythons.

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Jack Simpson: Eating out can be a risky business

I have come to the conclusion that senior citizens eat out a good bit.