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JACK SIMPSON: Sledge hammer madness

When you and I were school children, we learned the importance of preserving our history and our historical sites, buildings and objects of national significance. We knew that we could learn from such things and apply lessons to our own development.

JACK SIMPSON: Hoopla and 'Trust me'

If she decides to make a run for president, and it looks like she will, Hillary Clinton will face many questions about her emails as secretary of state.

JACK SIMPSON: Where there's a will, there's a way

This is an inspiring story, one of true grit, optimism, determination, and hard work. One of setting goals and meeting them, even in the face of adversity. The narrative belongs to Miss Kristen “Cricket” King, a resident of Conyers and a May 2012 graduate of The University of South Carolina, Aiken with a B.A. degree in communications.

JACK SIMPSON: Careless gunfire has real consequences

Folks, may I remind you that what goes up must come down. Oh, yes, I am certain you know this, but sometimes at weddings, on New Year’s, the Fourth of July and other holidays people with a couple of drinks under the belt are prone to fire celebratory shots into the air!

JACK SIMPSON: Rethinking a Valentine's Day decision

It is already a couple of weeks past Valentine’s Day. As a senior citizen you, like me, are acquainted with the routine. Having spent years together, you and your spouse agree in advance not to make a big deal out of this Feb. 14th. Without cards, candy and flowers, the feast of St. Valentine turns out to be pretty much just like every other day, except for a nice lunch and assurance of continued love and affection for one another!

JACK SIMPSON: Some are better suited for retirement than others

It happened to me again recently for the hundredth or so time. Someone at lunch asked me, “When are you going to retire?” Of course, at 90 years old, I guess one must accept questions like this.

JACK SIMPSON: Fact or fiction?

Ah, gee whiz, Brian! Why did you put your credibility and your stellar reputation as a top NBC nightly news anchor in jeopardy with a false Iraq war story?

JACK SIMPSON: Hero status in question

Who among us doesn’t like a story with a happy ending? Many felt the return of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was one such tale.

JACK SIMPSON: The good old days of small-town life

It seems to an old-timer that things are far removed from what they used to be. The current news of the day makes one believe that our civilization and our planet are doomed and everyone will go down together.

JACK SIMPSON: Mom's road trip

There is a lot of bad weather throughout the nation right now. Rain, mudslides, cold, wind, snow, etc., all hampering travel to somewhere.

JACK SIMPSON: Grandma's home remedies would come in handy during flu season

This holiday season we heeded warnings to get the flu shot. In spite of being in compliance, my spouse and I joined all of the other sick folks in Georgia. Even so, we are not among the 12 people who have died and the hundreds hospitalized. For this, we are thankful.

JACK SIMPSON: Message of the holidays is never outdated

Every year about this time we are reminded that Christmas has suddenly sped by us. We see pictures of Santa and his reindeer traveling around the world making deliveries to all of those good little boys and girls.

JACK SIMPSON: When scams come calling

Have you heard from Jonathan Knight yet? If you haven’t, chances seem good that you will. He claims to be an agent of the IRS.

JACK SIMPSON: When scams come calling

Have you heard from Jonathan Knight yet? If you haven’t, chances seem good that you will. He claims to be an agent of the IRS.

JACK SIMPSON: Crazy actions undermine our safety

The title of the song is “Crazy.” The same title could be applied to release by Democrats on the Senate Select Committee of CIA interrogation techniques. Released in the middle of a war with terrorists! Will this not backlash and endanger American lives?

JACK SIMPSON: Old friends talking over old times

You never know what might happen to you when going to a local restaurant to pick up a carry-out order. It recently happened to me when I encountered another old-timer in the parking lot.

JACK SIMPSON: Remembering Anzio

It seems that lately I have become a resident speaker about the Anzio campaign. It hasn’t been my choice and unlike Mrs. Clinton, I do not demand a $300,000 speaker’s fee. People with an interest in World War II history have learned of my participation in the massacre at the Anzio, Italy beachhead in January 1944. They have invited me to tell my story. When time permits, I have obliged.

JACK SIMPSON: 'Jihadi John' a foe who must be defeated

Peter Kassig, humanitarian aid worker, was recently beheaded by ISIS and President Obama called the incident “pure evil.” Of course what ISIS is doing inspires terror.

JACK SIMPSON: Comet landing is history in the making

Not being a scientist, I cannot imagine what went into planning and sending of the lander Philae to a meeting with a comet out in deep space. Anyway, I am among the admirers of the accomplishment of the European Space Agency and its dozen or so contributors.

JACK SIMPSON: Health care workers should honor quarantine rules

Registered Nurse Kaci Hickox made the evening news recently. She volunteered to go to West Africa to render aid to Ebola patients. Upon her return home, she was asked to honor quarantine rules and she felt her rights were being violated because she was not ill.

JACK SIMPSON: Looking to the values of the past

As a senior citizen, I find it comforting to think back upon happier times when some idealism was still taught at home and in our schools

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JACK SIMPSON: The 45th Thunderbirds

One of my coworkers is a member of the Osage Indian Tribe and many of his relatives live in Oklahoma. He heard I was making a speech about World War II and my association with the 45th Infantry Division.

JACK SIMPSON: Boots on the ground

As an old World War II Infantry soldier it has been my experience that once the enemy seized and held territory, we could bomb, shell and fire small arms into the area all we wished. And, when quiet returned, the enemy crawled out of their holes and continued to be in command of territory they held. It took our boots on the ground, and sometimes fighting house-to-house, room-to-room, with rifles, bayonets, and hand grenades to win the battle.

JACK SIMPSON: Be wary of uninvited guests of the stinging variety

Having an allergy to the sting of wasps, which include yellow jackets, I am constantly reminded to be careful around these winged critters.

JACK SIMPSON: Boogie-Woogie Tom

In a recent column, we opted to talk about gambling rather than talking turkey. I guess now is the time to go back and discuss the wild turkeys hanging out in the back yard.

JACK SIMPSON: Hello fall, good-bye summer pests

Fall has just arrived and I knew it before the first chill or the calendar told me so.

JACK SIMPSON: Longing for musical accompaniment on memory lane

What really convinced me totally of my aging was when riding in my car and turning on the radio to find some “good listening” music!

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JACK SIMPSON: Growing older has its benefits

I do like living in a small town. Sometimes when eating in a local restaurant, people will walk up to my table, introduce themselves and tell me they enjoy reading my column. How nice. I do so enjoy sharing their experiences and hearing about them and their families.

JACK SIMPSON: Is 'the King' dying?

A family member just returned from a visit to our hometown in Appalachia. She noted many of the local stores had closed and the economy there was in free fall as coal miners were laid off and were looking for other jobs.

JACK SIMPSON: Gambling comes with many kinds of risks

I’m not a gambler and do not wish to become one. For me, coming out of the Great Depression years, money has been hard to come by unless earned.

JACK SIMPSON: Police body cameras would help answer questions

No question about it. When Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, if the facts so conclude, law enforcement suffered a major change.

JACK SIMPSON: Command your own ship

Beloved and talented comic Robin Williams, 63 years old, spent decades in struggles with substance abuse and depression. He was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Perhaps it finally overwhelmed him, because he fashioned a noose out of a belt and hung himself, ending his struggle.

JACK SIMPSON: Ebola causes widespread concern

It seems like all of a sudden we are hearing more than we want to hear about the Ebola virus disease. It has pushed its way onto our television screens and on the front pages of our newspapers.

JACK SIMPSON: Fond farewell to loyal friend

We had just finished a real nice birthday family lunch. The ladies were clearing off the table when I made a casual remark. “Has anyone seen Wolfie lately?” Wolfgang was my former very special German shepherd and I had been forced by circumstances to give him away.

JACK SIMPSON: Coal mining a tough way to make a living

It was in the l940s when I was about to graduate from high school. I was wondering what I would do to earn a living. Since my uncles were coal miners, they tried to interest me in digging coal for a paycheck.

JACK SIMPSON: Trouble on the border

While out on the campaign trail fundraising, our president recently went to Colorado for a beer and some pool, after which he headed for Texas. But, he did not head to the border where Gov. Rick Perry says the surge of arriving children from Central America is “a humanitarian crisis.”

JACK SIMPSON: Celebrating two milestones on the same day

July 4th is my birthday and this year I cherished the 90 years I have lived upon this earth!

JACK SIMPSON: A little mixup can have a big impact

We probably do not think much about what a difference one letter of the alphabet can make in our lives.

JACK SIMPSON: The skinny on another 'health' food

My friend Frank and I worked together for years at the Newton County Judicial Center. Our lunch periods frequently fell at the same time, and we got into the habit of having lunch together. After his retirement, we continued meeting for lunch several times a week and we met recently.

JACK SIMPSON: The agony of not knowing who you are

I’m suffering from an identity crisis! Throughout my life, from birth until the present day, I have been Jack to the world. One day last week, I renewed my Georgia drivers license, the one I have had since the 1950s and, in order to get a new license, I had to produce an original of my birth certificate, along with other personal identification.

JACK SIMPSON: VA's treatment of veterans shameful

Many older veterans learning of the latest allegations against the Veterans Administration are having a hard time understanding why an organization that is supposed to provide veteran’s benefits is busy lying and juggling the books in an effort to deny returning vets promised benefits.

JACK SIMPSON: All citizens should contribute to safe, clean community

I do not know how you feel about it, but I like to think my community is occupied by law-abiding individuals and that it is a good place to live.

JACK SIMPSON: Women still have a long way to go for equal rights in some countries

When you look at the status of women in other parts of the world, maybe there is some truth to that ad that tells American females “You have come a long way, baby.” We are proud of the progress made in women’s rights in America and hope for more, particularly in equal pay for equal work.

JACK SIMPSON: Hard to fathom the meanness among us

You have seen it, too, haven’t you? Contemptible, petty, just outright mean stuff going on in our everyday world. Oh, it isn’t only here. No, it is everywhere and some of it causes plain moral outrage.

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JACK SIMPSON: Worries about ineffective antibiotics are real

It seems like people have to worry about some crisis or another every day. Maybe it is an earthquake, fire, tornadoes, floods, political upheavals, etc.

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JACK SIMPSON: New gun law brings many questions

I would guess that the hoopla over Georgia’s new gun law has just begun.

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JACK SIMPSON: Tense situation with Russia

Diplomacy has prevailed so far as Russia, the United States, the European Union and Ukraine have eased crises and compromised to prevent the outbreak of armed conflict. President Obama remains skeptical.

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JACK SIMPSON: Time to rein in Obama's executive powers

I suppose you were among the many Americans who watched when President Obama took his oath of office. For crying out loud, don’t oaths mean anything anymore!

JACK SIMPSON: Relinquishing Internet control not a sign of strength

Are Russia and China licking their chops at the prospect of the United States considering transfer of stewardship of the Internet to the international community?

JACK SIMPSON: Texting and driving can cost you more than personal interaction

This old world is a fast-moving place and time is ever marching on. Old friends have passed and new laws and regulations have us in a tizzy.