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JACK SIMPSON: Is 'the King' dying?

A family member just returned from a visit to our hometown in Appalachia. She noted many of the local stores had closed and the economy there was in free fall as coal miners were laid off and were looking for other jobs.

JACK SIMPSON: Gambling comes with many kinds of risks

I’m not a gambler and do not wish to become one. For me, coming out of the Great Depression years, money has been hard to come by unless earned.

JACK SIMPSON: Police body cameras would help answer questions

No question about it. When Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, if the facts so conclude, law enforcement suffered a major change.

JACK SIMPSON: Command your own ship

Beloved and talented comic Robin Williams, 63 years old, spent decades in struggles with substance abuse and depression. He was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Perhaps it finally overwhelmed him, because he fashioned a noose out of a belt and hung himself, ending his struggle.

JACK SIMPSON: Ebola causes widespread concern

It seems like all of a sudden we are hearing more than we want to hear about the Ebola virus disease. It has pushed its way onto our television screens and on the front pages of our newspapers.

JACK SIMPSON: Fond farewell to loyal friend

We had just finished a real nice birthday family lunch. The ladies were clearing off the table when I made a casual remark. “Has anyone seen Wolfie lately?” Wolfgang was my former very special German shepherd and I had been forced by circumstances to give him away.

JACK SIMPSON: Coal mining a tough way to make a living

It was in the l940s when I was about to graduate from high school. I was wondering what I would do to earn a living. Since my uncles were coal miners, they tried to interest me in digging coal for a paycheck.

JACK SIMPSON: Trouble on the border

While out on the campaign trail fundraising, our president recently went to Colorado for a beer and some pool, after which he headed for Texas. But, he did not head to the border where Gov. Rick Perry says the surge of arriving children from Central America is “a humanitarian crisis.”

JACK SIMPSON: Celebrating two milestones on the same day

July 4th is my birthday and this year I cherished the 90 years I have lived upon this earth!

JACK SIMPSON: A little mixup can have a big impact

We probably do not think much about what a difference one letter of the alphabet can make in our lives.

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