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JACK SIMPSON: Relinquishing Internet control not a sign of strength

Are Russia and China licking their chops at the prospect of the United States considering transfer of stewardship of the Internet to the international community?

JACK SIMPSON: Texting and driving can cost you more than personal interaction

This old world is a fast-moving place and time is ever marching on. Old friends have passed and new laws and regulations have us in a tizzy.

JACK SIMPSON: When Joe met Molly

This may or may not be a true story, but the facts are all too familiar.

JACK SIMPSON: Falling victim to 'sitting disease'

There’s no question about it. This long, cold, miserable winter gave me a “sitting disease.”

JACK SIMPSON: Will military cuts leave us too weak to respond when called?

I’m glad to be just an observer and not Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. He has to be concerned with the nation’s financial stress and he has to slash budgets to keep us in line.

JACK SIMPSON: Surviving the storm with a mild case of cabin fever

I was trapped inside for the better part of last week as a treacherous snow and ice storm coated roads, froze on trees, power lines and my driveway!

JACK SIMPSON: Loyal public servant laid to rest

I was shooting the breeze with Corporal Charles Cook in the Newton County Sheriff’s office when he told me the story about Sasha, a certified narcotics detector and K-9 police officer with the Warwick Police Department.

JACK SIMPSON: Trite but true — mother still knows best

I count myself among people who once smoked and who had refused to heed my mother’s warnings not to do so. Why is it kids think they know it all and harm cannot come to them from a bad habit?

JACK SIMPSON: Growing older means collecting experiences

Life is full of simple pleasures. The older I get, the more of them I like to experience.

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JACK SIMPSON: Will Christie go down with the sharks?

My grandson has a degree in marine biology and is a certified diver. He has used his skills and his education to film underwater. Some of his footage has appeared on National Geographic and Discovery channels. He has been swimming with sharks and has seen their reaction to blood in the water.

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