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BISHER: Tommy John -- Who Fooled his Surgeon

When Dr. Frank Jobe, the surgeon, took his first look at Tommy Johns' pitching arm he told him he had little chance of ever pitching again. And -- by this time -- you must surely know the rest of that story.

Furman Bisher: The Harmons And Golf

When I first came upon the junior Claude Harmon, he stood behind the counter in the golf shop of the royal course in Morocco.

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The Root of It All

The PGA has humble roots.

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BISHER: Whatever happened to Denny McLain

Talented pitcher once made his way through Atlanta

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Furman Bisher column: Doc never too far from home

Furman Bisher writes about Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers.

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Furman Bisher: Super Bowl is an American tradition, commercials and all

If Lucas could do it, so could a Manning named Eli. Since Super Bowl II, I've been an attendant at one of these American football treasures in one or another. Outdoors, indoors, under the sun, and at least one time while a snowstorm took charge outside. That would have been

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Super Lou and SuperBowl

Ah yes, this is the way you cover the Super Bowl — the Lou Holtz way.

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FURMAN BISHER COLUMN: Remembering Joe Paterno

Furman Bisher writes about the late Penn State football legend Joe Paterno, who died last week.

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FURMAN BISHER: The case of the missing quarterback

Herald guest columnist Furman Bisher writes about the absence of LSU backup quarterback Jarrett Lee in the BCS National Championship game.

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Tebow Loves Jesus Christ, and What's Wrong With That?

Somewhere the other day, I read this: "Tim Tebow's love of Jesus Christ makes people nervous." Hm-m-m-m, think that over for a minute.. In wartime, for instance, would you rather be in a foxhole with a soldier who loves Jesus Christ, or a heathen? You think

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