Should local governments pass ordinances regulating baggy pants?

Yes 13 votes


No 5 votes


Undecided 0 votes


18 total votes


rsd 2 years, 6 months ago

The local government should not be allowed to pass an ordinance regulating "baggy pants". As much as I dislike the "baggy pants" and wish that individuals would not dress in such a manner, the government should not have the authority to determine the type of clothing any person chooses to wear. This is just another example of "government intrusion" (1984 - Big Brother). Now, if the clothing falls under the category of allowing an incident of "indecent exposure" to occcur, then the authorities should step in and arrest the individual, charge him/her with "indecent exposure" and allow the individual to suffer the consequences. My opinion does not extend to private organizations, businesses or to the public and private school settings. These groups should have every right to determine the proper dress code for their environments. I will close with this. I once observed a young man wearing the "baggy pants" while I was putting gasoline in my automobile. During the course of about five minutes, the young man had to "hitch up" his pants about thirty times to prevent his pants from falling off. It was quite humorous. Please do not pass an ordinance preventing these fools from wearing "baggy pants"; they are really quite amusing to watch. Try watching them sometimes and I think you will agree. Now, where did I put my belt?


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