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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: 'The Saint' explores the real nitty-gritty of Santa's roots

Naughty or nice?. Yep, you've been both this year. You've been nice because it's the right thing to do, it gives you a warm-fuzzy, and you want to make the world a better place.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Skeptic transformed into a believer in 'Proof of Heaven'

Nobody packs a suitcase like you do.. A weekend away? No problem.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Educate yourself on the dangers of youth sports with 'Concussions'

The game, as they say, is the thing.. It's the thing at your house, that's for sure. Ever since your child's friends started playing sports at school, it's been the No. 1 topic around. He craves competition.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Terrible childhood secrets haunt "Your House Is on Fire"

When you were young, you couldn't wait to escape.. Your old hometown was boring.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Cancer survivors will appreciate humor, strength in 'The Dog Lived'

Your dog gets the best of care.. Before you give him toys, you make sure the squeaker isn't a choking danger.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Rowling's first post-HP novel, "Casual Vacancy," leaves magic behind

When you're gone, you'll leave behind many important things.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: 'Hidden America' sheds light on jobs that keep the country moving

It gets dark earlier now, which means you reach for the lights earlier, too.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: 'Trickster's Point' a mystery with rich characters, lots of tension

How well did you know the kids you played with?. Back when you were young, you might've said you knew them well.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: "Fire in the Ashes" follows the not-so-happy-ending stories of poor families

Everybody looks different, but they haven't changed a bit.. The classmates at your reunion got older, that's for sure. Some have gotten a little wider, a bit grayer, too, and more lined than they were decades ago.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Scientist struggles to prevent spread of AIDS in "No Time to Lose"

It's 10 minutes after the hour, and you've done it again.

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TERRI SCHLCHENMEYER: 'Clearly Invisible' explores 'passing' as another race

Nothing in life is ever as it seems.. The package of potato chips feels full, but you find 12 chips inside when you open it up. It appears that you've got plenty of money for vacation, then you actually get there.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: Kids can battle summer boredom with 'Get Outside'

Your Mom is awfully tired of you.. She's tired of you running up and down stairs, in and out doors, from kitchen to bedroom. She's tired of your noise from video games, talky toys, TV shows and electronics.

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TERRI SCHLICHENMEYER: "Inquisitor's Key" unravels centuries old murder mystery with authenticity, excitement

You've got your finger on the pulse.. You're quick on the draw, Johnny-on-the-Spot, the person with answers.


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